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JSTOR (Journal STORage) presents the full text, in facsimile form, of the complete back files of important scholarly journals, generally from the first volume through issues published prior to the most recent three years. Current issues are generally not available. JSTOR is a consortium of approximately 1,800 participating academic institutions, including the University at Buffalo. It is continually expanding and presently covers the following disciplines:

Accounting, African Studies, African-American Studies, Anthropology, Archaeology, Architecture, Art, Asian Studies, Biology, Botany, Business, Classics, Ecology, Economics, Education, Finance, General Sciences, Geography, Health Sciences, History, History of Science, Latin American Studies, Literature & Language, Management, Mathematics, Middle East Studies, Music, Philosophy, Political Science, Population/Demography, Slavic Studies, Sociology, Statistics

JSTOR provides the full-text of articles from hundreds of the most influential academic journals.

Dates Covered

Varies with each title, from 19th-century to the near present, excluding the most recent three years.

Print Counterpart

Some journals are also available in print at the University at Buffalo Libraries. Consult the UB Libraries Catalog.


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