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M1 Resources: Spring Semester Textbooks

Resources for first year medical students.


Any book that has a hyperlinked title is available online through the University at Buffalo Libraries. Log in with your UBIT name and password if you are off campus. Unless otherwise noted, current editions of print textbooks are located on reserve behind the main desk at the Health Sciences Library. Click on any of the call numbers to check availability. The loan period is 3 days for these reserve books. Check listing for exceptions. Older editions may be available in the stacks on the 2nd floor of the library. Check the catalog for details.

IMC-516 Host Defenses & Hematology

IDM-520/521 Clinical Practice of Medicine I

IMC-510 GI System

IMC-512 Urinary Tract and Renal

IMC-514 Musculoskeletal System and Integument

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