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Research and study in the biological sciences is one of the most exciting fields in all of the life sciences. It is the foundational discipline for careers in

Biological sciences are learning and research opportunities for the study of all living things from biomacromolecules (eg., proteins and nucleic acids, and their constituent units and subunits) to study of whole organisms (from viruses to giant blue whales) and their interactions in a wide variety of ecosystems and niches from the vast oceans to the digestive or circulatory systems of the tinest organisms.

Getting Started

This guide provides resources for conducting research in the biological sciences. It is your library research work space. Use the tabs above to link to article databases, books, encyclopedias, handbooks, research protocols, lab methods, and other types of information related to research in your field.

Please contact me for individual consultation, group instruction, library purchase recommendations, and suggestions for this guide.

Image Credits: D. pulex. Photo by Paul Hebert, Used under CC BY 2.5 License via Wikimedia Commons; Computer DNA Molecule, National Cancer Institute, Public Domain

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