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Polish Genealogical Resources: Armorials


  • Niesiecki, Kaspar. Herbarz Polski. LML Pol.Coll. CS 874 N6 1979 The most comprehensive Polish armorial. Originally published in 1845, reprinted in 1979 and 1995. Ten volumes listing family names and describing the coats of arms of each. Only a few are illustrated.
  • Stupnicki, Hipolit. Herbarz polski i imionospis zasluzonych w Polsce ludzi wszystkich stanow i czasow. LML Pol.Coll. CS 874 S7, vols. 1/3 Originally published in 1855, this supplements Niesiecki's work.
  • Herby rodow polskich. LML Pol.Coll. CR 616 H47 1990 Includes color illustrations of coats of arms and lists of names associated with them.
  • Gumowski, Marian. Handbuch der polnischen Heraldik. LML Pol.Coll. CR 613 P7 G8 Explains different kinds of coats of arms and the symbols involved.


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