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EBM Reviews - Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews

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The Cochrane Collaboration prepares full-text systematic reviews of the effects of healthcare. Two types of reviews are presented: complete reviews and protocols. Complete reviews are Cochrane Reviews prepared and maintained by Collaborative Review Groups. Protocols are the background, objectives and methods of reviews being prepared. A unique feature of this database is once a review is published, it is regularly updated and it will appear in every issue thereafter. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews is one of the sources that comprise OVID's Evidence-Based Medicine Reviews (EBMR). There are bi-directional links between MEDLINE and EBMR databases, allowing the searcher to link from a topic review in Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews to a MEDLINE citation or from a MEDLINE citation to its review in the EBMRdatabases.

Leads to full-text of reviews. A link to the full-text of the original article(s) is provided when available.

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Updated regularly.


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