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This is a research guide to assist students within the ELN Living Learning program.
Last Updated: Aug 3, 2020 4:13 PM

Grassroots Gardens

Grassroots Gardens WNY is a determined group of activists who educate and lead committed neighborhood gardeners. We collaboratively cultivate and manage more than 300,000 square feet (and growing!) of green space in Buffalo and Niagara Falls on more than 100 community gardens. Our work is rooted in the belief that a garden has the power to transform an urban neighborhood. Gardens deliver beauty and escape and produce healthy food in unexpected places that previously had little value.  A garden creates a shared sense of purpose that empowers a community, creates environmental awareness and improves public health.

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Lighthouse Free Medical Clinic

As an organization composed of students at the Jacobs School of Medicine, community health workers, and physicians, the Lighthouse Free Medical Clinic is dedicated to providing free healthcare to the uninsured and under served patients of Buffalo, New York. As the only medical student body in the area, we undertake this work in order to provide a service to the community in which we are educated. In addition, we hope to encourage a long-term, professional interest in community health in medical students and other health professions students who gain experience at our clinic. We aim to re-mediate some of the barriers to healthy living and access to preventive medical care in underserved communities. In the pursuit of this goal, we provide resources to help connect uninsured patients with the means to access continuous medical care, and provide education about healthy lifestyle choices and disease prevention in order to encourage health literacy. We hope to provide these services in a partnership with the members of the community in which we work by building long-term, mutually beneficial relationships, so that we can best serve the unique needs of our specific patient population.

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Westside Bazaar

The West Side Bazaar, a WEDI initiative, is a one-of-its-kind small business incubator supporting entrepreneurs on their path to becoming successful business owners. The West Side Bazaar consists of several food, food retail, and retail vendors which sell quality authentic products from all around the world. The West Side Bazaar has enabled many immigrant, refugee, and low-income individuals to pursue their dreams of small business ownership, providing them with a space to incubate their small business all while bringing the best of many different cultures to a one-stop-shop right here in Buffalo!

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Global Health Equity

The Community for Global Health Equity supports those who most influence global health—leaders, organizations and policy makers who can affect systemic change and community members around the world who can inspire, promote and implement solutions in their respective neighborhoods.

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UB Sustainability

UB Sustainability's focus on creating sustainability literate individuals brings together our faculty and students to learn about local and global challenges.  From the northern reaches of the Arctic and the coral reefs of the Caribbean to the shores of Cattaraugus Creek and Lake Erie, the university is working to create a better tomorrow through sustainability.

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Journey's End

Journey's End Refugee Services, Inc. is a Christian community-based organization with the mission of welcoming refugees without regard to ethnic origin or creed and to assist them to become healthy, independent, contributing members of the community. 

To provide refugees with the resources and support they need to become successful, active and contributing members of the Western New York Community.

To become the model resettlement agency in New York State.

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Wild Kritters

Wild Kritters of Niagara County is licensed by New York State and US Fish and Wildlife to rehabilitate injured and orphaned wildlife. Our goal is to get the animals back into the wild healthy as soon as possible.

Our group came together out of pure necessity, we are dedicated licensed rehabbers who live all over Niagara county and share a portion of our homes with orphaned and injured wildlife. Each member has a special place in there heart for helping those that cannot help themselves.Animal Caging

We are not funded by anyone and all expenses are paid out of our own pockets. Every year proves to be costly to us. We care for mammals, birds and reptiles.

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Buffalo Public Schools

The Buffalo Public Schools serves approximately 34,000 students in Buffalo, New York, the second largest city in the state of New York. It is located in Erie County of western New York and operates nearly 70 facilities.

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