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MTR210 Musical Theatre Repertory: Welcome

Course guide for MTR210
Last Updated: Jun 26, 2020 4:41 PM

MTR210 - Musical Theatre Repertory

Hello! I usually have the pleasure of meeting with your class once a year to talk about library resource that can help you with assignments for this class. If we haven't yet met, or if you want a review, you may find this guide helpful. It covers the resources you need to locate scores, librettos, and cast recordings for song selection/preparation and the research project. It also includes additional reference and online sources that will help with the research project.

Song Preparation

See the sections on Vocal Scores and Cast Recordings for assistance in browsing and locating sheet music and finding original Broadway cast recordings.

Research Project

Elements of the project have typically included selecting a musical, listening to cast recordings, reading scripts, and locating background material on creators and the original production.

Class Handouts


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