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Alternative Access to Articles: CORE Discovery

This guide provides information about various types of browser plug-ins that may be helpful when accessing scholarly publications.
Last Updated: Mar 8, 2022 1:48 PM

CORE Discovery logo

CORE Discovery service is a Chrome plugin that provides you with access to freely accessible (open access) research. 

CORE harvests research papers from data providers from all over the world including institutional and subject repositories, open access and hybrid journal publishers.

CORE currently contains 170,770,533 open access articles, from thousands and over tens of thousands of journals, collected from 9,818  data providers around the world.

CORE Discovery: Installation

Follow these steps to install the Core Discovery plugin:

  1. Open Google Chrome.
     Google Chrome shortcut picture

  2. In the Chrome window, type "Core Discovery Chrome plugin" in the address bar and choose the first result, or if you have this guide open in Chrome, open this link.
  3. Click the "Add to Chrome" button in the upper right corner of the page: Add to Chrome button
  4. A small popup window will appear. Click the "Add Extension" button: Add Extension button 

    Note: The popup window explains that Core Discovery can "read and change all your data on the websites you visit". Core Discovery must be able to read the pages and change them to add download buttons. No data about you or your searches is tracked.  

  5. The plugin is now ready to use. You can close the window and proceed to browse normally. Instructions for using Core Discovery are below.

CORE Discovery: Finding Full Text

Follow these steps to use the Core Discovery plugin for finding articles:

  1. Search for journal articles as you normally would using Google Scholar or library databases.
  2. As you browse pages containing articles, Core Discovery will add a button to the right side of your screen linking directly to PDF files of freely accessible content. Please note, Core Discovery does not link to articles that are part of UB subscription databases, as it does not ask about institutional affiliation when you install the plugin. 
    Core Discover example screen shot

  3. In cases where a freely accessible PDF is not available, Core Discovery will still appear, but the icon will be in grey. It will link to similar papers, however, if you are interested. Please use UB Libraries Delivery+ service to request the item. 

If you have questions about Core Discovery or any other library tools, contact the library at library@buffalo.eduor by contacting your subject librarian directly.


Still hitting a paywall for article access? Don't pay!

If the article you need is not part of a UB subscription and is not available openly, use UB Libraries Delivery+ service to get the article. It's completely free for UB faculty, staff, and students! 

Simply log in with your UBIT name and password, then fill out a brief form for the item you need. Articles are delivered to you electronically!


Still running into trouble? Contact your subject librarian for additional help. We are here to help!


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