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Chemistry: Best Internet Resources: Educational

This guide contains some of the best chemistry resources freely available on the Internet.
Last Updated: Aug 9, 2018 2:01 PM

Educational Resources & Web Courses

See also the Software Tab.

  • ACS Chemistry Education Resources - from elementary school graduate education
  • The ChemCollective (Carnegie Mellon/NSDL) - Virtual labs and scenario-based learning
  • Chemical Education Digital Library - a clearinghouse and archive of quality education resources including online textbooks, tutorials, modeling, and virtual laboratory exercise. Users are encouraged to contribute, organize, and evaluate the material.  
  • Chemical Information Instructional Materials (part of Chemical Information Sources Wikibooks, formerly at Indiana Univ.) - See also XCITR.
  • How Products Are Made (Advameg) - Scores of detailed descriptions from accordions to zirconium. Reliability of information difficult to verify.
  • Indiana Cheminformatics Education Portal (ICEP) (Indiana University) - repository of freely accessible cheminformatics educational materials maintained by David Wild.
  • Master Organic Chemistry: Resource Guide (James Ashenhurst) - a brief, but well-done guide to various instructional material freely available on the web.
  • National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) Learning Center- more than 6,300 different resources, of which over 1,900 are free. Searchable by grade level and type of resource (lesson plans, SciPacks, podcasts, etc.)  Includes a browsable, comprehensive, full-text collection of state learning standards.
  • Practical Chemistry (Nuffield Foundation/RSC) - A large number of detailed, clear descriptions of simple high school laboratory experiments helpfully grouped by topics. Each write up includes needed chemicals & apparatus, procedures, health & safety, and teaching notes.
  • Principles of Chemical Science (MIT OpenCourseWare) - includes video lectures, lecture notes, and exams.
  • Science Education Games & Puzzles (Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility)
  • Science360 (NSF) - Gathers the latest science videos provided by scientists, universities, research centers, NSF, and others. Exceptional navigation features. Focuses on cutting-edge discoveries and big science stories of the day.
  • SciTalks: Smart people on cool topics (Lee Vodra) - Excellent science videos, many by prominent researchers. Caution: Videos are self posted. Copyright & accuracy uncertain.
  • What's That Stuff (ACS) - Chemical composition of everyday items like Silly Putty and cheese whiz
  • Writing Guidelines for Engineering and Science Students (Penn State Univ.) - a particularly useful and comprehensive guide to good scientific writing.
  • XCITR - eXplore Chemical Information Teaching Resources - international repository for sharing chemical information teaching resources. Designed for librarians, teachers, and professors. A successor to Indiana University's Clearinghouse for Chemical Information Instructional Materials. See also Chemical Information Instructional Materials Wikibook.

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