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Polish Genealogical Resources: Biographical sources

Biographical sources

  • Polski slownik biograficzny LML Pol.Coll. CT 1230 P6 Started publication in 1935.
  • Kto jest kim w Polsce. LML Pol.Coll. CT 1230 K84 Selectively lists important (living) people in Poland today, and what they are known for. Excludes many prominent politicians.
  • Genealogia, Tablice. LML Pol.Coll. CS 874 D83 Suppl. Family trees of some important royal or noble families.
  • Materialy do biografii, genealogii i heraldyki polskiej. LML Pol.Coll. CT 1230 K6 9 volumes of materials relating to Polish biography, genealogy, and heraldry, with summaries in English, bibliographies, and name indexes at end of each volume.


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