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Pharmacy Resources: Drug Monographs

This list is designed as a starting point for searching for pharmacy and drug-related information, and has been broken into several categories for your convenience. If you have suggestions for this page, please contact Deborah Chiarella.
Last Updated: Jun 28, 2018 3:06 PM

Drug Monographs

HUBNET – HUBNET serves as a consortium buyer for several major drug databases, including:

  • Clinical Pharmacology
  • Clinical Key 
  • Natural Standard
  • Lexi-Comp Drug
  • Physicians Desk Reference
  • STAT!Ref which includes AHFSGoodman & Gilman’s, and the USPDI Advice for the Patient

All these resources should be accessed directly through HUBNET. Click the Go To HUBNET button on the main page and follow the links:


Off-network access to these resources varies. Check the “Availability” link next to each resource for more information.


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