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Best Sellers: Publishing History Resources

Last Updated: Oct 11, 2018 3:28 PM

Publishing History Resources

American Best Sellers: A Reader's Guide to Popular Fiction 
LOCKWOOD Reference PS374.B45 H56 1989

Bestseller Index: All Books, by Author, On the Lists of Publishers Weekly and the New York Times through 1990 
LOCKWOOD Reference Z1033 .B3 J87 1998

Bowker Annual 
LOCKWOOD Book Collection Z731 .A47

A History of Book Publishing in the United States 
LOCKWOOD Book Collection Z473 .T42

Between Covers: The Rise and Transformation of Book Publishing in America 
LOCKWOOD Book Collection Z473 .T4 1987

Guide to the Study of United States Imprints 
LOCKWOOD Reference Z1215.A2 T35

80 Years of Best Sellers, 1895-1975 
LOCKWOOD Book Collection Z1033.B3 H342

Lolita in Peyton Place: Highbrow, Middlebrow, and Lowbrow Novels of the 1950s 
LOCKWOOD Book Collection PS374 .P63 W66 1995

The Making of a Bestseller: from Author to reader 
LOCKWOOD Book Collection Z471 .V35 1999

The #1 New York Times Bestseller 
LOCKWOOD Book Collection Z1033.B3 B43 1992

New York Times Best Seller List

Publishers Weekly - Bestsellers


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