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Art History: Guide to Research: Books & Articles

To find additional books and articles

Bibliographies, Guides and Handbooks can be very helpful. They often provide lists of books, journal articles, and other materials gathered by a knowledgeable researcher in your field. Examples include:

Art books: a basic bibliography of monographs on artists , 1997 (LML Ref N40 .F73 1997)
Authoritative source on 2,148 artists worldwide, across historical periods. Includes treatises, published dissertations, biographies, catalogues raisonnes and other works.

Art information: research methods and resources , 1990. ((APL, LML Ref N85 .J64 1990).
Comprehensive guide to understanding art methodology. Step-by-step guide to the research process. In art history.

Guide to art reference books , 1959. (LML Ref and LML Z5931 .C45).
Good reference for older materials. Updated by Arntzen & Rainwater (see entry 6) drawings, paintings, prints, photography, decorative and applied arts, architecture); Serials.

Guide to the literature of art history (Popularly known as Arntzen & Rainwater (LML Ref N380 .A67 1980)
Intended for serious students or art history, provides an annotated list of the major reference sources in art history. Covers all periods. Helpful in identifying authoritative works in specific areas of art history. Includes subject index.

Guide to the Literature of Art History 2 ( LML Ref N380 .A67 2005).
An impressive supplement to Arntzen & Rainwater's Guide to Literature of Art History, 1980. Does not cumulate previous content, so both volumes may need to be consulted.

Art History Resources .
A brief, excellent guide from UC/Berkeley on how to embark on art history research.


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