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Last Updated: Feb 21, 2022 2:40 PM

National Library of Medicine Call Numbers

HSL uses the National Library of Medicine classification system to assign call numbers which organize books into broad subject areas.

Consult the Libraries' Catalog or The National Library of Medicine to identify books, journals, and media in your subject area. Be sure to check the Libraries' Catalog for local holdings.

Call Numbers with Corresponding Subject Areas

NLM Call Number NLM Subject Area
QS 1-132 Human Anatomy
QS 504-532.5 Histology
QS 604-681 Embryology
QT 1-33.1 Physiology (General)
QT 34-37.5 Physics, Mathematics, and Engineering (Biomedical)
QT 104-172 Human Physiology
QT 180-275 Physiology and Hygiene
QT 261 Sports Medicine
QU 1-220 Biochemistry
QV 1-370 Pharmacology (General)
QV 600-667 Toxicology
QV 701-835 Pharmacy and Pharmaceutics
QW 1-300 Microbiology
QW 501-949 Immunology
QX 1-675 Parasitology
QY 1-350 Clinical Pathology (General)
QY 400-490 Blood
QZ 1-380 Pathology

NLM Call Number NLM Subject Area
W 1-96 Health Professions (General)
W 100-275 Medical, Dental, and Pharmaceutical Service Plans
W 322-323 Medical Social Work and Medical Missions
W 601-925 Forensic Medicine and Dentistry
WA 1-106 Public Health (General)
WA 108-245 Preventive Medicine
WA 250-292 Prevention of Accident and Injury
WA 300-395 Health Problems of Special Population Groups
WA 400-495 Occupational Medicine, Health, and Hygiene
WA 525-590 Health Administration and Organization
WA 670-847 Sanitation and Environmental Control
WA 900-950 Public Health Statistics and Surveys
WB 1-130 Practice of Medicine (General)
WB 141-293 General Diagnosis
WB 300-962 Therapeutics
WB 400-449 Diets and Dietetics
WB 460 Physical Medicine and Physical Therapy
WB 555 Occupational Therapy
WB 890-962 Special Systems of Therapeutics. Alternative Medicine
WC 1-950 Communicable Diseases
WC 140-185 Sexually Transmitted Diseases
WC 195 Infection. Cross Infections. Laboratory Infections.
WC 200-425 Bacterial Infections
WC 450-475 Mycoses
WC 500-593 Virus Diseases
WC 503-503.7 Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome. HIV Infections
WC 600-660 Rickettsial and Chlamydial Infections. Tick-borne Diseases
WC 680 Tropical Diseases
WC 695-900 Parasitic Diseases
WC 950 Zoonoses
WD 100-175 Nutrition Disorders
WD 200-226 Metabolic Diseases
WD 300-375 Immunologic and Collagen Diseases. Hypersensitivity
WD 400-430 Animal Poisons
WD 500-530 Plant Poisons
WD 600-670 Diseases and Injuries Caused by Physical Agents
WD 700-758 Aviation and Space Medicine

NLM Call Number NLM Subject Area
WE 1-190 Musculoskeletal System (General)
WE 200-600 Musculoskeletal System by Tissue
WE 700-890 Musculoskeletal System by Region
WF 1-900 Respiratory System (General)
WF 970-985 Thorax and Thoracic Surgery
WG 1-170 Cardiovascular System (General)
WG 200-460 Heart
WG 500-700 Blood Vessels
WH 1-700 Hemic and Lymphatic Systems
WI 1-250 Digestive System (General)
WI 300-387 Stomach
WI 400-575 Intestines
WI 600-650 Anus and Rectum
WI 700-770 Liver and Biliary Tract
WI 800-820 Pancreas
WI 900-970 Abdomen and Abdominal Surgery
WJ 1-190 Urogenital System (General)
WJ 300-378 Kidney
WJ 400 Ureter
WJ 500-504 Bladder
WJ 600 Urethra
WJ 700-875 Male Genitalia
WK 1-190 Endocrine System (General)
WK 200-280 Thyroid Gland
WK 300 Parathyroid Glands
WK 350 Pineal Body
WK 400 Thymus Gland
WK 500-590 Pituitary Gland
WK 700-790 Adrenal Glands
WK 800-885 Islets of Langerhans
WK 900-920 Gonads
WL 1-203 Nervous System (General)
WL 300-405 Central Nervous System
WL 500-544 Peripheral Nerves
WL 600-610 Autonomic Nervous System
WL 700-710 Sense Organs

NLM Call Number NLM Subject Area
WM 1-611 Psychiatry
WM 170-184 Neuroses
WM 200-220 Psychoses
WM 270-290 Substance Dependence. Substance Abuse.
WM 400-460.7 Therapy
WM 475-476.6 Communicative Disorders. Speech-language Pathology.
WN 1-160 Radiology, Diagnostic Imaging (General)
WN 180-240 Diagnostic Imaging. Radiography.
WN 250-250.5 Radiotherapy
WN 300-340 Radium
WN 415-665 Radioactivity (Excluding Roentgen Rays and Radium)
WO 1-75 Surgery (General)
WO 100-149 General Surgery
WO 162-198 Surgical Procedures and Armamentarium
WO 200-460 Anesthesia
WO 500-517 Operative Surgery and Surgical Techniques
WO 600-640 Plastic Surgery
WO 660-690 Transplantation
WO 700-820 Traumatic, Industrial, and Emergency Surgery
WO 925-950 Surgery in Special Age Groups
WP 1-390 Gynecology (General)
WP 400-480 Uterus and Cervix Uteri
WP 505-660 Physiology and Functional Disorders
WP 800-910 Breast

NLM Call Number NLM Subject Area
WQ 1-175 Obstetrics (General)
WQ 200-260 Pregnancy
WQ 300-330 Labor
WQ 400-450 Obstetrical Surgery
WQ 500-505 Puerperium
WR 1-660 Dermatology
WS 1-141 Pediatrics (General)
WS 200-463 Diseases of Children
WS 260-368 Pediatrics by System
WS 405-463 Pediatrics by Age Group
WT 1-39 Geriatrics (General)
WT 100-166 Geriatrics
WT 500 Chronic Disease
WU 1-290 Dentistry, Oral Surgery (General)
WU 300-360 Operative Dentistry
WU 400-440 Orthodontics
WU 470-490 Special Groups
WU 500-530 Prosthodontics
WU 600-640 Oral Surgery
WV 1-190 Otolaryngology
WV 200-290 Ear
WV 300-358 Nose and Paranasal Sinuses
WV 400-440 Pharyngeal Region
WV 500-540 Larynx
WW 1-100 Ophthalmology
WW 101-170 Eye
WW 202-290 Parts of the Eye
WW 300-320 Refraction and Errors of Refraction
WW 350-358 Corrective Devices
WW 400-460 Neuromuscular Mechanism
WW 475-480 Problems Associated with Eye Diseases
WW 505-525 Occupational and Traumatic Ophthalmology
WW 600-620 Age Groups
WW 704-722.1 Optometry
WX 1-147 Hospitals and Other Health Facilities
WX 150-190 Hospital Administration
WX 200-225 Clinical Departments and Units
WY 1-100.5 Nursing (General)
WY 101-145 Special Fields in Nursing
WY 150-164 Nursing Techniques in Special Fields of Medicine
WY 191-200 Other Nursing Services
WY 300 Nursing by Country
WZ 1-40 History of Medicine (General)
WZ 51-80.5 History, by Period, Locality, etc.
WZ 100-150 Biography
WZ 220-225 Manuscripts
WZ 230-260 Early Printed Books
WZ 270 Americana
WZ 290-294 Modern Editions and criticism of Early Works
WZ 305-350 Miscellany Relating to Medicine
Z plus NLM or LC Class Number Bibliography


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