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(Active) MATTER Box: 2016: Volume 7, Issue 4

A subscription service to samples of materials in the field of industrial design materials and interior design materials.
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Active Matter Volume 7 Issue 4

MC# 5528-08
Category: Cement-Based

Textured cement tiles that are engraved with different design patterns and colored to create unique decorative designs by transforming the surface of high-quality fiber cement available in the market. The tiles provide different textures, patterns, and colors that are suitable for both indoor as well as semi-outdoor settings, and consist of 10% fiber, 60% cement, and 30% strength additives. They are easy to install on various surfaces such as plywood or concrete by using double-sided tapes, and are available in a wide range of patterns, including 3D Boxes, 3D Butterfly, Wavy, Fern, Takor, Mazzle, Net and Prism. The standard panel size is 300 x 400 mm (11.8 x 15.7 in) with a thickness of 8 mm (0.31 in). The pattern design and color can be customized along with the size and thickness of the tiles. It is a new surfacing material alternative for interior decoration to improve the aesthetic appeal of a space. Applications include wall decoration, ceiling, graphic arts and signage systems.


Vapor Technologies
MC# 7700-01
Category: Metals

A durable, hard coating of metal-ceramic that increases abrasion resistance and creates a metallic luster for decorative and tribological applications, and can be deposited on metal, plastic, wood, textile and glass substrates. The material is made through the energetic displacement of a zirconium-based refractory metal that is then combined with varying ratios of oxygen and/or carbon to offer both the desired color and hardness. Unlike traditional surface coating methods, which tend to wear more quickly and have a limited metallic color pallete, the low-temperature arc vapor deposition (LTAVD) process produces highly durable, easy to clean coatings in a wide range of colors to enhance appearance, along with wear- and scratch-resistance. The process time can vary from 1 to 3 hours. It is an environmentally safe, dry process that allows a wide variety of materials to be coated for durability and provides a distinctive and uniform appearance at lower costs. It can be customized for color, ranging from light yellow to deep black and its thickness can vary based upon the application from 0.1 to 1.2 microns. Applications include surface coatings for automotive hardware (trim and exposed hardware), home hardware (kitchen faucets, showers, handles, knobs) and appliances (plastic trim, metal accents and work tooling, i.e. knives, mixers).


ThermalTech® Smart Fabric
MC# 7627-01
Category: Metals

A patented lightweight smart fabric made of 100% stainless steel mesh that is coated with a solar selective coating. This coating is able to capture 80% of the energy from the sun’s ultraviolet rays, radiant energy from artificial light and infrared light such as the wearer’s own body heat. The energy absorbed from either natural or artificial light is then transformed into heat to warm the fabric in only a few minutes. The fabric is a woven stainless steel mesh, which allows for breathability, and further coated with a solar selective coating similar to what is used by solar water heater technology. Traditional fabrics or metallic surfaces without solar selective coatings only retain 40-45% of the energy collected from the sun because they reflect the remaining energy. The material is available in 0.03 mm (0.001 in) thickness with a minimum order quantity of 5000 sq. m (5980 sq. yd); consumption per garment is approximately 0.50 – 2 m (1.6 – 6.6 ft). It is sold in 7 dark colors; each color has a different hand feel. In accordance with ISO 17075:3007m, less than 0.02 PPM of chromium is found in this material. Currently it is used as an inner lining for outerwear, but can find application in a broad range of garments including indoor and outdoor apparel, curtains and camping accessories.


Hangzhou Masa Tech Co., LTD.
MC# 7733-01
Category: Polymers

Lightweight, non-stretch woven fabric that has the look and feel of wrinkled paper. This opaque, stereo (can be used either side) textile is produced from 100% nylon using a heat setting process to create a shriveled surface effect. The fabric is sold in a width of 55/56 in (138/142 cm) and a weight of 43 gsm (1.27 osy) and is currently only available in black. It can be customized by using different patterns, texture and finishes. Applications are as fabrics for event display and interior design, as well as apparel and accessories.


Hangzhou Masa Tech Co., LTD.
MC# 7733-02
Category: Polymers

Lightweight, non-stretch woven fabric that has the look and feel of a metallic surface. This opaque, cool-to-the-touch textile is produced from a combination of 3% metal fibers, 62% viscose and 35% polyurethane (PU). The color, sheen and texture are achieved through a special slurry coating process for the top surface and it is waterproof, windproof and downproof (feathers do not poke through). The fabric is sold in a width of 55/56 in (138/142 cm) and a weight of 43 gsm (1.27 osy), and is currently available in olive, black, silver and white each with a metallic sheen. It can be customized by using different patterns, texture and finishes. Applications are as fabrics for event display and for interior design, as well as apparel and accessories.


True Metalsu2122 T
rapezoid Maya Romanoff Corporation
MC# 2687-42
Category: Metals

A range of handmade metal wallcoverings that come in a variety of different metal types and inlaid formats. Genuine copper and aluminum are used as thin but durable foils, backed with recycled paper and cut to squares, rectangles and trapezoids, and arranged in mosaic patterns in 12 x 12 in (30 x 30 cm) tiles. The wallcoverings are preserved with beeswax to maintain their appearance over time and are offered in distressed, patinaed, and watermarked effects. The surfaces are fire retardant according to ASTM E84 Class 1 and can be washed clean with mild detergent. Applications are for wallcoverings on flat or slightly curved surfaces.


SilberBoard LightWeight
AR Metallizing Ltd. (Formerly Vacumet Corp.)
MC# 3617-04
Category: Metals

Metallic coated paper that offers a compostable alternative to polymer-based metallic packaging sheets. Intended for lightweight folding boxes, this foldable, curable and printable semi-rigid paper has a white backing and a bright metallic, but not mirror, surface. It is an alternative to metallized polyester film. The sheet is certified compostable according to ASTM D6400, and can also be recycled as a paper in municipal recycling facilities. Applications are for food, cosmetic, and other consumer packaging.


126-29 Colored Conductive Inks
Creative Materials, Inc.
MC# 7681-01
Category: Polymers

Electrically conductive inks that are featured in primary colors. The ink has excellent adhesion to Kapton, Mylar, glass and a variety of other substrates. The 126-29 series are designed for application by screen-printing, dipping and syringe dispensing. These colored conductive inks feature good color stability and minimal opportunity for surface transfer of conductive particles. Unlike conventional conductive materials, this ink is very resistant to abrasion, scratching, flexing and creasing, and is ready to use as supplied. Further thinning of ink is possible; the thinning agent is supplied by the manufacturer. There are three colors available, red, blue and yellow; they have a maximum sheet resistivity of 5 Ω/sq/mil. Good properties result when the ink is cured for 3 to 5 minutes at 110° C (230° F). For improvements in properties, curing should range from 50 to 175° C (122 to 347° F) . The shelf life is 2 months at 25° C (77° F); 6 months at 5° C (41° F); or 12 months at -10° C (14° F). Applications include EMI-RFI shielding, medical devices and wearable electronics, where the functionality of an electrical conductor is required and the appearance of graphic arts is desired.


Arjobex America Inc.
MC# 7690-04
Category: Polymers

A synthetic, secured substrate that provides tamper evidence and authentication for consumers. The unique manufacturing process offers the durability of plastic, together with embedded overt and/or covert security features. It is tear and water resistant, feels like top-coated paper, and can be embossed, adding some unique tactile security to it. The secured substrate cannot go through copier machines, preventing more than 90% of copy attempts, to protect events, brands and revenue. It also controls the distribution network by identifying all attempts of diversion of products, helping to minimize revenue loss. The security features offered in the substrate include visible fibers, invisible UV fibers, taggants, Polydots (almost impossible to duplicate with any printing technology), and PolySpheres (an exclusive and proprietary overt feature). It is printable using all traditional printing technologies (offset, flexo, gravure, etc.) and can be personalized with variable information printing in thermal transfer or industrial inkjet. Available in thicknesses from 95 µm (3.74 mil) up to 350 µm (13.78 mil). Applications include concert and sports event tickets, garment swing tags, bag hang tags and wristbands.


BackPacku00ae Roll-Fed
Extended Content Label (ECL) Quality Assured Label
MC# 7735-01
Category: Polymers

The u2018first of its kindu2019 multi-page primary package label for roll-fed labeling applications. It consists of 3 plys of biaxially-oriented polypropylene (BOPP) film. During the manufacturing process, UV flexographic inks are printed and cured onto 2 plys of BOPP film and then laminated. The entire production is performed in-line, in a single pass print/converting process. It is low-cost, durable, resealable, chemically resistant, waterproof and offers high-speed labeling. Unlimited print color options are available for graphics and the printed substrate comes in white, metalized and clear options. It is possible to customize the surface finish, thickness, degree of openness, removable coupons or promotions, combination of coupon and booklet, and booklet height. It can be used on any container that is currently being labeled with roll-fed film labels, including typically neck in and straight-sided aerosol cans and straight-sided non-aerosol containers.


Sheer Veneer with foil paper
Graphic Wood Technologies
MC# 7318-04
Category: Naturals

Wood veneer that can be commercially printed and converted just like paper and is claimed to be the only paper-thin 100% real wood roll foil stock available on the market. The proprietary process used to create this material is capable of producing wide-web continuous rolls or sheets, and is an improvement on conventional processes as it does not involve sanding or any auxiliary chemicals. In addition, the wood is sustainably harvested from sources in the USA, and any wood by-product of manufacturing is biodegradable and can be easily recycled. It can then be laminated onto MDF, HDF or fiberboard in the same process as foil, requiring no special cutting or finishing equipment. The wood can be profile wrapped onto moldings and extrusions just like foil. The thickness of the veneer ranges from 11-26 point (0.28-0.61 mm) depending on the chosen backing; the weight ranges from 0.7-1.6 oz/ft2 (1.8-4.2 g/m2). The material is available up to 55 in (1.4 m) wide and available in rolls up to 5000 ft (1524 m) long; it can be cut to specific sheet sizes. Cherry and birch wood species are available and the pattern of the wood grain is unique to each sheet or roll. Applications include decorative foils for ready to assemble (RTA) furniture, ceiling tiles, flooring, wallpaper and wall decals, window and door surfaces, automotive, RV, airplane and boat interiors, and kitchen and closet cabinets.


Textil Beraldin Ind.
MC# 7718-03
Category: Naturals

Pirarucu fish skin that is sustainability sourced through the Pantanal Management Project. Fish are gathered by the local community from Brazilu2019s river shores. Pirarucu is one of Brazilu2019s largest fresh-water fish, reaching as wide as 3 m (9.8 ft). They are primarily used as a food source in Brazil, while the skins are tanned and dyed to make fish leather. The skins are produced and manufactured in Brazil with little negative impact. The tanning process used to preserve the skins is free of heavy metals and is referred to as organic agents. At the end of life, the skins can be integrated into nature without damaging the environment. Pirarucu skin has a soft feel with large pronounced scales. Fish skins can be up to 10 m long (32 ft), 50 u2013 60 cm wide (20 u2013 24 in) with a thickness of 1 mm (0.04 in). Skins can be dyed per Pantone color standards for customization. Applications include furniture upholstery, tables, cushions, fashion accessories and wall coverings.


Leather dyed INDIGO
MC# 7670-01
Category: Naturals

Vegetable-tanned leather that is dyed with natural indigo dye to create unique handmade leather accessories. Unlike harsh chemicals or alcohol-based colors that are used conventionally for leather dyeing, this process applies a natural indigo dye using special techniques. Indigo dye works at lower temperatures, and the dyeing process is much faster compared to other natural dyes that require a higher temperature. It is highly durable and has significantly lower environmental impact. Natural indigo has a high proportion of impurities that provide rich color variations as opposed to synthetic indigo, which produces an even blue that never varies. As a result, a different shade of blue is created every time depending on the duration of dyeing, where the Indigo was grown, weather at that time, and other processing parameters. It is possible to create various blue and white patterns, resulting in one-of-a-kind indigo-dyed leather pieces. Available by the foot in blue color with many shades. Applications include furniture, bags, luggage and shoes.


Cheerful Aztec on White Cork
Rainbow Leather
MC# 7087-07
Category: Naturals

Laminated cork fabric with a woven backing that is custom printed for decorative applications. It is made from natural cork and has a soft and smooth feel. A chosen design pattern is first printed onto a transfer paper, which is then heat transferred onto cork fabric to create the desired custom look. Cork skin is a flexible and durable material that is inherently thermally insulating, impact-, abrasion- and water-resistant, anti-bacterial and easy to maintain. No heavy metals or compounds, organic solvents, mineral fibers or formaldehyde are used during the manufacturing process. It is possible to print any desired image or artwork in different colors on the cork fabric. The material is available in a standard size of 58 in x 36 in (147.3 cm x 91.4 cm) which is 14.5 sqf (1.35 sqm). Applications include wall covering, shoes and bags, accessories, upholstery and interior design.


Knitdigo- Twill
Air Park International Ltd.
MC# 7423-02
Category: Naturals

Cotton and spandex knitted textile that mimics the structure and look of woven denim. The fabric achieves a high degree of 4 way stretch due to its construction.This material blends the physical properties of a knit with the visual attributes of denim. Through careful design of the knit structure the textile appears to be traditional denim, a material that is woven in a 3x1 right hand twill construction. The blended cotton/spandex fibers are spun into yarn, which is then dyed, creating some variability in the color density randomly throughout. The yarn is then knitted with floats on the face to mimic the angular pattern of denim twill. Undyed yarns are used too, creating the lighter reverse side of the fabric, also an emulation of the denim structure. The knitted goods are sold by the meter or yard in 62 and 60 in widths (155 and 150 cm) with weights from 420 to 360 gsm (12.4 to 10.6 oz./yd2), and spandex content raging from 3 to 5%, respectively. Two colors are offered, indigo and sulfur black, in varying degrees of concentration or “washdown”. Color can be customized for a client’s specific application. Applications include apparel, sportswear, accessories and home goods.


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