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New York Criminal Law: Print Resources

Last Updated: May 22, 2018 12:15 PM


McKinney's Consolidated Laws of New York, US/N7 003.5 N4 (NY Core)
See specifically, vol. 11A, Criminal Procedure; Vol. 39, Penal Law

New York Consolidated Laws Service, US/N7 003.5 N5 (NY Core)
See specifically, vol. 7-7D, 23-23B

Gould's Consolidated Laws of New York (Unannotated) US/N7 003.5 N44 (NY Core)
See specifically, vol. 2

Penal Law & Criminal Procedure Law KFN 6100 A336 A194 (NY Alcove)

New York Criminal Statutes and Rules (Graybook) KFN 6100 A29 N48 (NY Alcove)


McKenna, Criminal Procedure in New York, Rev. ed., KFN 6155 P3 2006 (NY Alcove)

  • Pt. 1: Practice & Forms
  • Pt. 2: Criminal Evidence

Muldoon, Feuerstein, Handling a Criminal Case in New York (Earlier ed.: Rothblatt) KFN 6100 R59 1994 (NY Alcove)

Muldoon, Morris, Criminal Law in New York, 4th ed., KFN 6100 M3 1999 (NY Alcove)

Briggs, et al., New York Criminal Practice, 2d ed., 8 v. (formerly Waxner & Zett) KFN 6155 W38 2005 (NY Alcove)


Bender's Forms for the Consolidated Laws of the State of New York, KFN 5068 B4 (NY Alcove); Lexis*

  • Vol. 5, Pt. 1 Penal Law
  • Vol. 5, Pt. 2-3 Criminal Procedure Law

West's McKinneys Forms, KFN 5068 W4 (NY Alcove)
Also via Westlaw (law students only)

  • Vol. 18-18A Criminal Procedure

New York Consolidated Laws Service (CLS)

  • Vol. 7-7D Criminal Procedure US/N7 003.5 N5 (NY Core)
  • Vol. 23-23B Penal Law

*Westlaw/Lexis access is restricted to law students only

Jury Instructions

Committee on Criminal Criminal Jury Instructions, 2d ed., KFN 6171 A65 C65 1995 (Also NY Alcove)

Jury Instructions Paper, No Longer Updated - check Online

Goodman & Leventhal, Charges to the Jury and Requests to Charge in a Criminal Case in New York (Rev. ed.), KFN 6171 D69 1983 (NY Alcove, Koren AV)

Alexander, New York Forms of Jury Instruction, KFN 6171 A65 N49 1992

Practice Handbooks

Davidowitz, The practice of Criminal Law under the CPLR and Related Civil Procedure Statutes, 5th ed. KFN6100 .P73 2009 (NY Alcove)

Donnino, New York Court of Appeals on Criminal Law, 2d ed. KFN 6100 D66 2011 (NY Alcove)

Elkins, Fosbinder, New York Law of Domestic Violence,, 2nd ed., KFN 6121.4 E45 2007 (Also NY Alcove)

Murray, Collateral Consequences of Criminal Conduct, KFN 6104 M87 1992

Gray, Evidentiary Privileges (Grand Jury...), 4th ed., KFN 6159 G73 2003

Gray, New York Criminal Practice, 2d ed. & Supp., KFN 6155 N49 2011 (Also NY Alcove)

Greenberg, New York Criminal Law, 3rd ed., KFN 6100 N47 2007 (Also NY Alcove)

Hibel, New York Identification Law: The Wade Hearing, The Trial, KFN 6167 H53 2006 (NY Alcove)

Kamins, New York Search & Seizure, KFN 6157 K36 1991 (NY Alcove)

Katz, New York Suppression Manual, KFN 6166 K37 1991 (NY Alcove)

Marks, New York Pretrial Criminal Procedure, 2nd ed., KFN 6155 N495 2007 (NY Alcove, Koren AV)

Newman, New York Appellate Practice, KFN 6075 N49 1985 (NY Alcove)

Vargas, Representing Noncitizen Criminal Defendants in NYS, KFN 6115 V37 2006 (NY Alcove)

Driving While Intoxicated

Erwin, Defense of Drunk Driving Cases: Criminal/Civil, 3rd ed., KF 8925 T7 E7 1971

Fiandach, New York Driving While Intoxicated, 2d ed., KFN 5477 F53 1996 (NY Alcove); Westlaw*

Gerstenzang, Handling the DWI Case in New York, KFN 5477 H36 (Most recent in NY Alcove)

Meyer, The New York State Drunk Driving Penalties & Sanctions Handbook, KFN 5477 M49 2003 (NY Alcove)

Rose, New York Vehicle & Traffic Law, 2d ed., & Supp., KFN 5477 R67 1992 (NY Alcove)

Taheri, DWI Reference Guide, KFN 5477 T35 (NY Alcove)

*Westlaw/Lexis access is restricted to law students only