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New York Family Law: Resources

Last Updated: May 22, 2018 12:16 PM

Treatises & Handbooks - NY Family Law

Note that many of these works have pocket parts or supplements.

Alderman, et al, New York Practice Guide: Domestic Relations KFN 5115 N48 1988 (NY Alcove)

Carrieri & Lansner, Family Court Proceedings, 2nd. ed. KFN 5995 N4932 (NY Alcove)

DaSilva, New York Matrimonial Practice, 2nd ed.(Includes forms) KFN 5120 D38 2006 (NY Alcove); also on Westlaw (law students only)

Breger, Elkins & Fosbinder, New York Law of Domestic Violence, 2 v. KFN 6121.4 E45 2007 (Also NY Alcove)

Foster, Freed, Brandes & Weidman, Law and the Family New York, 2nd ed., Revised KFN 5115 F67 1986 (NY Alcove)

  • v.1 Divorce, Separation and Annulment
  • v.2 Maintenance, Property and Foreign Matrimonial Actions
  • v.3 Equitable Distribution
  • v.4 Child Custody, Child Support, Appellate Practice
  • v.5 Family Court Proceedings
  • v.6 Family Court Proceedings
  • Index/Tables

Brandes & Weidman, Law and the Family New York Forms KFN 5115 A65 B73 1995 (NY Alcove)

Gallet & Finn, Spouse and Child Support in New York, 2009 ed. KFN 5130 G352 (Also NY Alcove)

Kerschensteiner, Callaghan's Family Court Law and Practice in New York, 2 vol. KFN 5116 K47 1981

Lansner & Reichler, Matrimonial Actions, 4 v. KFN 5995 N494 (NY Alcove)

Schatkin, Vitek, Disputed Paternity Proceedings, 5th ed., 2 v. KFN 452 S33 1997 (NY Alcove)
Also Lexis (law students only) 

Scheinberg,  Contract Doctrine and Marital Agreements in New York KFN5120 .S336 2011 (NY Alcove )

Scheinkman, New York Law of Domestic Relations, 2nd ed., 2 v. KFN 5120 S34 2009 (NY Alcove)

Sobie, New York Family Court Practice, plus Supp. KFN 5116 N49 1996 (NY Alcove, Koren AV)

Zimmerman, Adoption Law: Practice and Procedure in the 21st Century KFN 5132 A94 2004 (NY Alcove)

Practice Handbooks

Budman, School Law Issues in New York (NBI) KFN 5648 B83 1997

Brown, Valuing Professional Practices and Licenses KF 524 V37 1998

Coyle & Haman, New York Power of Attorney Handbook KFN 5336 C69 1997 (NY Alcove)

Feder, Valuation Strategies in Divorce 4th ed. KF 532.7 V35 1997 (NY Alcove, Koren AV)

Karabatos, Drafting Matrimonial Agreements, 2001 KFN 5126 D73 2001

Klein, Tax Aspects of Divorce in New York, (NBI) KFN 5126 K54 1996

Olesker, How to Write Successful Qualified Domestic Relations Orders KF 532.7 O44 1996

New York Child Support Handbook KFN 5130 N46 2007 (NY Alcove)

Reichler, New York Child Support Manual KFN 5130 R45 1992 (NY Alcove)


Abrams, Guardianship Practice in New York State KFN 5134 G84 1997 (NY Alcove)

Kassof, Elderlaw and Guardianship in New York KFN 5111 A33 K37 (NY Alcove, Koren AV)

Russo, Raichlin, New York Elder Law Practice KFN 5111 A33 N485 (Also NY Alcove, Koren AV)

Sadin, New York Elder Law KFN 5111 A33 N488 (NY Alcove)

App.Div. Law Guardian Program Resource Directory KFN 5111 M5 L39 (NY Alcove)



BNA, Tax Management Portfolios (#515: Divorce & Separation) KF 6289 A1 T35

Rabkin & Johnson, Current Legal Forms with Tax Analysis KF 170 R3 (Ref)

Taft, Tax Aspects of Divorce and Separation KF 6428 A4 T28 1984 (Ref)

Klein, Tas, Aspects of Divorce in New York KFN 5126 K54 1996 


New York Jurisprudence 2d KFN5065 .N48 1979 (NY Alcove)(Also Lexis, Westlaw)

Wex (LII Cornell Law School)
     ---Family Law
     ---Uniform Matrimonial and Family Laws Locator
     ---Family law- State Statutes


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marital property--valuation
matrimonial actions

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Specialized Periodical Indexes

  • KINDEX (1965-2001) K33 K56 (indexes articles related to children & the law)

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    • Index to Legal Periodical Literature K 9 N319  (ref)(1888-1939)
    • Index to Legal Periodicals K9 N32 (Ref) (1926-1994)
    • Index to Legal Periodicals & Books K9 N32 (Ref) (1994-present)
    • Annual Legal Bibliography K 38 H365 (Ref) (1960-1981)
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    Attorney Conduct - NYS

    Attorney Conduct

    New York Codes, Rules & Regulations KFN 5035 1960 A22 (Ref Desk)

    • 11 NYCRR 1400, Procedure for Attorneys in Domestic Relations Matters; 
    • 22 NYCRR 202.16, Uniform Rules for the NYS Trial Courts;
    • 22 NYCRR 1200.29a, Disciplinary Rule: Sexual Relations with Clients

    Reports & Other Materials

    Databases - Family Law

    • Bloomberg BNA
      ---Family Law Reporter (accessible in the Law Library ONLY)
      (NOTE: Law students CAN access this database from ANYWHERE via LEXIS or Westlaw)
    • Bloomberg Law  (law students only - come to Reference Desk for access info)
      ---Family Law Reporter
      ---New York State Legislative Materials
    • LoisLawConnect
      The Family Law Treatise  Library includes:
      ---Drafting Prenuptial Agreements
      ---Property Division in Divorce Proceedings: A Fifty State Guide
      ---Focused coverage on valuing assets through three titles: 
              Valuation Strategies in Divorce 
              Valuing Specific Assets in Divorce 
              Value of Pensions in Divorce
      ---Qualified Domestic Relations Order Handbook
      ---Child Support Guidelines: Interpretation and Application
      ---Psychological Experts in Divorce Actions
      ---American Journal of Family Law (quarterly)
      ---Family Law Update, highlighting the latest trends and techniques for representing clients in divorce and custody cases.
      ---Forms and checklists are pulled from the following treatises for easy searching:
              Drafting Prenuptial Agreements 
              Valuation Strategies in Divorce 
              Valuing Specific Assets in Divorce
      ---Child Support Guidelines: Interpretation & Application (includes relevant forms for all 50 states)
      The NY Family Law Library includes:
      ---New York Family Law by Robert C. Mangi (unclear how up-to-date this is)
      ---Table of contents for a few NYSBA publications
    • LEXIS (law students only)
      Content includes:
      ---New York Civil Practice: Matrimonial Actions by David Lansner & Judith Reichler
      ---New York Civil Practice: Family Court Proceedings by Joseph Carrieri & David Lansner
      ---New York Practice Guide: Domestic Relations (Matthew Bender)
      ---LexisNexis AnswerGuide New York Family Court Proceedings by Joseph R. Carrieri
      ---LexisNexis AnswerGuide New York Matrimonial Actions by Gary H. Tabat
      ---Bender's Forms for Civil Practice: Family Law (Volumes 24 to 28)
           by  Louis R. Frumer; Oscar L. Warren; Joseph J. O'Connell, et. al.
      ---New York Domestic Relations Reporter (2001-2006) (Matthew Bender)
      ---Lindey on Separation Agreements and Antenuptial Contracts 
        by Louis I. Parley; Alexander Lindey
      ---Family Law & Practice by Arnold H. Rutkin
      ---Valuation and Distribution of Marital Property 
      by Arnold H. Rutkin, William M. Troyan, Grace Ganz Blumberg, et. al.
      ---Collier Family Law and the Bankruptcy Code
      ed. by Hon. Margaret Dee McGarity; Alan N. Resnick; Henry J. Sommer
      ---Child Custody and Visitation Law and Practice (Matthew Bender)
      ---Family Law Litigation Guide with Forms: Discovery, Evidence, Trial Practice (Matthew Bender)
      ---Modern Child Custody Practice by Jeff Atkinson
      ---Adoption Law and Practice
      by Joan H. Hollinger
      ---Representing the Child Client by Michael J. Dale,
      ---Disputed Paternity Proceedings ed. by Carl W. Gilmore
      ---New York Jurisprudence 2d (West)
    • Westlaw (law students only)
      Content includes:
      ---New York Practice Series (NYPRAC)
             New York Family Court Practice by Sobie (Vol. 10)
             New York Law of Domestic Relations by Scheinkman (Vols. 11-12)
      ---Callaghan's Family Court Law & Practice NY (NYFCLP)
      ---Elder Law and Guardianship in New York (NYELDGUARD)
      ---New York Elder Law and Special Needs Practice (NYELDLAW)
      ---New York Law of Domestic Violence (NYLDOMVIOL)
      ---New York Matrimonial Law and Practice (NYMARRIAGE)
      ---New York Matrimonial Practice
      ---New York Family Law Form Finder
      ---General (Non-state specific) Family Law FormFinder
      ---Multi-state Family Law FormFinder
      ---West's McKinney's Forms - Matrimonial and Family Law
      ---New York Forms Legal & Business - Family Law (NY-FAMLF)
    • HeinOnline 
        ---New York Legal Research Library 
        ---Law Journal Library
        ---HeinOnline Advanced Search Tips


    Quick Guides - NY Family Law

    Self-Help & Basic Guides

    Abel, Friendly Divorce Guidebook for New York KFN 5126 Z9 A34 1996 (Also NY Alcove)

    Alternatives Handbook for Battered Women, 7th ed. KFN 5084 W6 H36 1994

    NYSBA, Rights & Responsibilities of Young People in NY, 3rd ed. KFN 5111 M5 M67 1997 (NY Alcove)

    Rogers, How to Make a New York Will, 3rd ed. KFN 5201 Z9 R64 2004 (NY Alcove)

    Sember, Child Custody, Visitation, and Support in New York KFN 5130 S46 2002 (NY Alcove)

    Sember, File for Divorce in New York, 2nd ed. KFN 5126 Z9 S457 2007 (NY Alcove)

    Attorney for the Child Research Papers

    The following research papers were authored by students from SUNY Buffalo Law School who participated in externships at the Children's Legal Center and the Legal Aid Society's Attorney for the Child Office. The paper topics were suggested by Attorneys for Children in the Fourth Department who encountered these issues in practice. 

    Court-Ordered Medication/Vaccination of Children and the Role of the Attorney for the Child by Rachel Vankoughnet & Rebecca Rodriguez

    The Attorney for the Child and the Denial of Access in New York Courts by Alyssa Jordan

    A Statutory Presumption of Joint Custody: Legislative Changes in New York State by Yuliya Pollack, Erin Ross & Amy Fellenbaum

    Redefining Fatherhood: Approaching the Presumption of Legitimacy and Other Methods of Paternal Determination in the Age of DNA Testing by Sarah E. Norton

    Admissibility of Indicated, Unfounded and Expunged Reports of Child Abuse or Neglect and Their Use by Attorneys for the Child in Custody Litigation by Charity Phipps & David French

    Custody, the Attorney for the Child, and the Education Setting by Maria Fox, Megan Hausner & Natalie Munoz Stutz

    Knowledge of Child Development in Custody Cases: The Proper Weight of the Child's Preference and Model Interview Techniques by Victoria Smith

    Procedural and Substantive Standards for Relocation in the Fourth Department After Tropea v. Tropea: Annotated Bibliography of Fourth Department Cases by Erin Goeman

    Conditioning Parental Custody or Visitation Decrees to Exclude Certain Third Parties by Johnna Pike & Susan Reinecke

    The Ability to Foster the Child's Relationship with the Non-Custodial Parent as a Factor in Custody Determinations by Leah Nuchereno & Samantha Schultz

    The Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Study and Practice Implications for Attorneys for the Child by Mellissa Murphy, Jessica Fiorillo & Amanda Sullivan

    New York Courts and Military Families: How Courts Deal With Military Families on Issues of Child Custody, Visitation, and Support by Katie Taylor, Noha Elnakib & Bryan Daniels

    Visitation in New York: A Look at the Rights of Grandparents, Third Parties, and Incarcerated Parents by Leah Bouguard, Cindy Navarro, Jill Zigenfus & Gabriella McDonald

    Other Useful Guides