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Canadian Legal Research: Federal and Ontario Sources in Print

Last Updated: May 10, 2018 2:47 PM

Canadian Legal Periodical Indexes

Legal Periodical Indexes

Canadian Legal Literature (Can.Abr.) 1956+ KE 1 I53a (Ref)
Indexes Canadian legal periodicals, books and government publications. Published as part of the Canadian Abridgment (2d). Subject, Author, title and book review indexes. Includes Table of cases and table of statutes. Before 1988, search for Statutes in the subject index under name of jurisdiction, then name of specific act. Quarterly and annual cumulations. Update with Canadian Current Law - Index to Canadian Legal Literature updates.

Index to Canadian Legal Periodical Literature 1961+ KE 8 I53 (Ref)
Indexes Canadian legal and selected other journals, essays from published collections, and case comments and annotations from subject law reporters. Cumulative indexes for 1961-70, 1971-75, 1976-80; annual and quarterly cumulations since then.

Current Law Index
(paper) 1980+ K33 C87 (Ref)

Index to Legal Periodicals & Books K9 N319 (Ref)
Also via Online

Legal Research Guides - Canada

Guides to Canadian Legal Research (Federal)

Banks on Using A Law Library, 6th ed. KE250 .B36 1994 (Ref Desk)

Canada's System of Justice KE 447 C36 1993

Canadian Abridgment Instruction Manual KE173 .C249 1991 (Also Ref)

The Guide to Legal Analysis, Legal Methodology & Legal Writing KE 250 K83 1992 (Ref)

How to Understand Statutes & By-Laws KE 482 S84 G54 1996 (Ref)

The Internet Handbook for Canadian Lawyers, 3rd ed. KE 252 J33 2000 (Ref)

Waddams, Introduction to the Study of Law, 5th ed. KE 445 W3 1997 (Ref)

MacEllven, Legal Research Handbook, 5th ed. KE 250 M33 2003 (Ref Desk)

Yogis & Christy, Legal Writing and Research Manual, 6th ed. KE 250 Y6 2004 (Ref Desk)

Castel & Latchman, Practical Guide to Canadian Legal Research, 2d ed. KE 250 C37 1996 (Ref Desk)

Updating Statutes and Regulations for all Canadian Jurisdictions, 4th ed. KE 250 S56 1995 (Ref)

Canadian Federal Resources

Constitution (Federal)

Constitution Act, 1982 Revised Statutes of Canada KE89 1985 Appendix no. 44, (1985)
Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms is Part I of the Constitution Act (1982) §§1-34.

Legislation (Federal)

Official Sources 

  • Revised Statutes of Canada (RSC) KE89 1985
    Also via Department of Justice, Canada website
    This 1985 edition is the latest consolidation of public general acts of Canada in force. Laws in force through 12/31/84 are represented in the main volumes; supplements include acts passed later. Update using annual volumes of Statutes of Canada. Library also has earlier editions (1970, 1952, 1927, 1906, and 1886).
  • Statutes of Canada (SC) 1867+ KE87 .A23 
    Also via Department of Justice, Canada website
    These annual volumes are the official "session laws" of Canada. Part I contains Public General cts; Part II contains Local and private acts. Includes subject index, table of public statutes showing amendments to the Revised Statutes, chronological table of public laws, and alphabetical list of local and private acts. 
  • Canada Gazette - Part III CAN 005 C38 pt.3
    Text of recent statutes are published in chapter order after Royal Assent has been granted. Includes a "table of public statutes in force" and a "table of proclamations". Superseded by next annual volume of Statutes of Canada. 

Unofficial Consolidations (examples)


  • Canada Statute Citator KE106 .C36 1985 
    Looseleaf service providing statutory changes and cases interpreting statutes. Cites amendments, repeals, re-enactments, and reprints the text of amended sections. Cases decided since publication of last edition of Revised Statutes are summarized under appropriate section. Consult Canada Statute Annotations for summaries of relevant cases decided before latest Revised Statutes edition. 
  • Statutes Judicially Considered (Can.Abr.) KE173 .C254
    Lists references to cases citing federal and provincial statutes. Updated by Canadian Citations and Canadian Current Law.

Regulation (Federal)

Official Sources 

  • Consolidated Regulations of Canada (CRC), KE119 1978 
    Also via Department of Justice, Canada website
    Federal Regulations in force are published in alphabetical order by enabling statute, with designated chapter number. Includes table of contents but no index. There is a separate list for regulations not made under Statutory Authority. 
  • Canada Gazette - Part II CAN 005 C38 pt.2 
    Regulations are identified by year and number in two separate biweekly series: S.O.R. for statutory orders and regulations, and S.I. for other Statutory Instruments. "Consolidated Index of Statutory Instruments" is a quarterly index listing under enabling statute all regulations in force at any time during the year, and provides cites to locations in the Consolidated Regulations and Canada Gazette Pt. 2. No subject index.

Cases (Federal)

Official Law Reports

  • Canada Supreme Court Reports, 1976+ (SCR) CAN 006 C24
    From 1970, cases are in English and French. Monthly; Cumulated bound volumes. Title varies. 
  • Canada Federal Court Reports, 1970+ KE 142 A23 
    Reports all cases from the Federal Court of Appeal and selected cases from the Trial Division. A consolidated index covering 1971-1984 was published in one volume. 

Unofficial Law Reports

  • Dominion Law Reports, 4th series (DLR) 1984+ KE132 .A216 
    Reports federal and provincial decisions. Weekly Advance Sheets. Cumulative table of cases for each series, cumulative indexes, and an annotation service. Annotation service contains subsequent judicial histories. 
  • Canadian Criminal Cases (CCC) CAN 81.94 C2 (Annex)
  • Canadian Rights Reporter (CRR) KE4381.5 .A45 C36
  • Canadian Human Rights Reporter (CHRR) KE4381 .A45 C35

Case Finding Tools

  • Canadian Abridgment (2nd edition), CAN 006.15 C242 
    All federal and provincial reported decisions are digested, except civil law cases from Quebec. Over 51 main volumes cover 120 subject titles. Main volumes (green) are updated by a series of permanent supplements; Revised volumes (red) are updated by revised supplements numbered with the letter "R". Key and general index provides topical access to Abridgment. A general index (Index Binder) lists entries organized by title. Table of cases, Words and Phrases, cases judicially considered, and statutes judicially considered also provide access to entries in the Abridgment. Looseleaf volumes and advance sheets supplement the set. SEE CHART "How to Use the Canadian Abridgment".
  • Indexes to Individual Law Reporters (see Cases Section above)


Halsbury's Laws of England, 3rd ed. KD310 .H34 
A Canadian Converter volume was issued for every five or so volumes of this edition, providing annotations with Canadian case and statute references listed by title and paragraph numbers from the main volumes. The 4th edition of Halsbury's does not have Canadian Converter volumes. Use the cumulative supplement "pink pages" to update the Canadian Converter.


Ontario Resources

Legislation (Ontario)

Official Sources

  • Revised Statutes of Ontario (RSO) KEO67 1990
    Consolidates legislation in force passed up to December 31, 1990.
  • Statutes of Ontario KEO63 .S73
    Annual volumes updating the Revised Statutes. Each volume includes Table of Public Statutes and Amendments, Table of Proclamations, Table of Private Acts, and Table of Regulations.
  • Ontario Gazette KEO87 .O62
    Weekly compilation of new Ontario acts and regulations.


  • Ontario Statute Citator KEO72 .O58 1990
    Based on RSO 1990. Reproduces full text of all statutory amendments when brought into force. Contains an alphabetical list of Acts in RSO 1990 with list of amendments, a Weekly Bulletin Service (tracks progress of bills), Annotations of cases interpreting statutes, alphabetical table of cases, table of proclamations affecting statues, and a table of Ministries.

Regulations (Ontario)

Revised Regulations of Ontario (RRO) KEO87 .O58 1990
A 9-volume revision and consolidation of regulations.

Ontario Gazette KEO87 .O62
Weekly compilation of new Ontario acts and regulations. Regulations are listed under name of statutory authority. Annual volumes with cumulative tables are issued. Check semi-annual index of Ontario Gazette, and index in any issues more recent than that. But first, be sure to check "Table of Regulations" in the most recent annual volume of the Statutes of Ontario.

Cases (Ontario)

Ontario Reports, 2nd series (OR) KEO117.4 .O58

Textbooks & Treatises (Ontario)

Use UB Online Catalog - Keyword: and environment? and law?; Subject: free trade--canada

Encyclopedias (Ontario)

Canadian Encyclopedic Digest, Ontario, 3rd ed. (CED) KEO142 .C36
Covers Ontario provincial and Canadian federal laws. Looseleaf encyclopedia with brief overview of 150 subject areas, with references to cases and statutes. Yellowpaged supplements are at the beginning of each title. Use the Research Guide and Key volume as a finding aid. It includes a "contents key" (consolidation of table of contents of all volumes); a "statutes key" (consolidation of all statutes and regulations referred to in the C.E.D.); a "titles key" (list of subject titles); and a "key-words index" (a key-word/subject index) all of which give references to specific parts of CED. The library also has earlier editions.

Citation Guides - Canada

Citation Guides

Canadian Guide to Uniform Legal Citation, 7th ed. (McGill Guide) KE259 .C36 2010 (Ref)