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Criminal Law and Procedure: Books & Treatises

Last Updated: Nov 5, 2018 1:32 PM


Criminal Law & Procedure deals with the substantive law against crimes, the limits imposed by the U.S. Constitution on the laws and law enforcement, and the interaction between the two. This guide offers numerous resources, both print and electronic, to help you understand the criminal laws that help shape our society and the legal limits that are imposed to ensure that everyone is INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY.



  • American Law Institute, Model Penal Code & Commentaries 6v. KF 9219 M65 1980 (Also Ref)
  • American Law Institute, Model Penal Code (text only) KF 9219 M62 1985 (Also Ref)


  • USSC, Federal Sentencing Guidelines Manual, Annual KF 9685 A329 U55 (Also Reserve); 
  • Shepard’s, Federal Sentencing Guidelines Handbook, Annual KF 9685 F43
  • Vera Institute, Federal Sentencing Reporter : FSR KF 9685 A59 F43




  • Branham, The Law of Sentencing, Corrections, and Prisoners’ Rights in a Nutshell, 8th ed.  KF9728 .B733 2010 (Study Aids)
  • Cammack, Advanced Criminal Procedure in a Nutshell, 2nd ed. KF 9619.3 C36 2006 (Study Aids)
  • Emanuel, Criminal Law, 3d ed. (CrunchTime Series) KF 9219.3 E45 2007 (Study Aids)
  • Emanuel, Criminal Procedure, 6th ed. (CrunchTime Series) KF 9619.5 E44 2009 (Study Aids)
  • Israel & LaFave, Criminal Procedure, Constitutional Limitations in a Nutshell, 7th ed. KF 9619.3 I8 2006 (Study Aids)
  • Loewy, Criminal Law in a Nutshell, 5th ed. KF 9219.3 L63 2009 (Study Aids)
  • Marcus, Criminal Procedure in Practice, 3d ed. KF 9656 M29 2009 (Study Aids)
  • Mehler, Federal Criminal Practice: A Second Circuit Handbook KF9619 S43; Lexis* 
  • Neubauer, America’s Courts & the Criminal Justice System, 7th ed. KF 9619 N4 2002 (Also Koren AV)
  • Podgor, White Collar Crime in a Nutshell, 3rd ed. KF 9350 Z9 P63 2004 (Study Aids)
  • Singer, Criminal Procedure II: From Bail to Jail, 3rd ed. KF 9619.3 .S56 2012 (Study Aids)
  • *Westlaw/Lexis access resticted to law students only



  • Bailey & Fishman, Criminal Trial Techniques, 3 v. KF 9656 B29 1994
  • Cook, Constitutional Rights of the Accused, 3rd ed., 4 v. KF 9619 C64 1996; Westlaw*
  • Cyclopedia of Federal Procedure, 3rd ed, v. 11-14 KF 8835 L65 1951 (Ref)
  • Erwin, Defense of Drunk Driving Cases: Criminal/Civil, 3rd ed. 4 v. KF 8925 T7 E7 1971; Lexis*
  • Hollander, et al, Wharton’s Criminal Procedure 14th ed. 4v. KF 9619 W43 2002
  • LaFave, Israel & King, Criminal Procedure, 3rd ed., 7v. (Crim. Pract. Ser.) KF 9619 L34 2007 (Reserve)
  • Moore, Moore's Federal Practice, 3rd ed. KF 8820 A313 M63 1997 (Ref)
  • National Lawyers Guild, Representation of Witnesses Before Federal Grand Juries, 4th ed., 2 v. KF 9642 R46 1999
  • Orfield, Orfield's Criminal Procedure Under the Federal Rules, 2nd ed., 7 v. KF 9619 O7 1985
  • Wright & Miller, Federal Practice and Procedure, 3rd ed., v. 1-3C KF 8840 W68 (Ref); Westlaw*
  • Yackle, Postconviction Remedies KF 9690 Y3 1981; Westlaw*
  • *Westlaw/Lexis access restricted to law students only


  • Dubber & Kelman, American Criminal Law: Cases, Statutes & Comments KF 9218 D83 2005 (Also Koren AV)
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