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Cyber Law and Law on the Internet: Print & Other Resources

Last Updated: Oct 26, 2018 9:21 AM


Electronic Commerce

Environmental Sources

  • Murphy, Briggs-Erickson, Environmental Guide to the Internet, 4th. ed. HC 79 E5 S293 1998 (Ref)

Government Information

  • Maxwell, How to Access the Federal Government on the Internet Z1223 .Z7 M25 (Lockwood)
  • Evans, James H., Law and Government on the Net (CD) KF 242 A1 L25 1998 (Koren AV)
  • Government Information on the Internet, 6th ed. ZA 5075 N69 2003 (Lockwood)


Law Practice

Legal Issues

Legal Research

  • Ambrogi, Robert J., The Essential Guide to the Best (and Worst) Legal Sites on the Web, 2nd ed. KF 242 A1 A45 2004
  • American Association of Law Libraries, The Internet as a Legal Research Tool Z 682.4 L37 A25 no. 5
  • Berring, Legal Research for the 21st Century (VHS) KF 240 B456 2000 (Koren AV)
    Tape 5: Legal Research on the Internet and Research Strategies
  • Biehl, Calishain, The Lawyer's Guide to Internet Research KF 242 A1 L353 2000 (Ref Desk)
  • Blackman, The Internet Fact Finder for Lawyers, How to Find Anything on the Net, 3rd ed. KF 242 A1 B52 2006 (Ref Desk, Koren AV) 
  • Heels, Klau, Law, Law, Law on the Internet, the Best Legal Web Sites and More KF 242 A1 H52 1998
  • Holmes, Venables, Researching the Legal Web: A guide to Legal Resources on the Internet, 2nd ed. KD 394 .H65 1999 (Ref)
  • Long, Legal Research Using the Internet KF 242 A1 L66 2000 (Ref)
  • Mays, Legal Research on the Internet: a Compendium of Websites to Access United States Federal, State, Local and International Law KF 242 A1 M32 1999
  • Ramy, Moppett, Navigating the Internet: Legal Research on the World Wide Web KF 242 A1 R36 2000 (Ref)
  • Roznovschi, Toward a Cyberlegal Culture, 2nd ed. K 87 R69 2002 
  • Scott, Internet and Technology Law Desk Reference KF390.5 .C6 I565 (Also Ref)
  • The Legal List KF 242 A1 L389 (Ref Desk) 
  • World's Leading Law Internet Sites, Quickly and Easily KF 242 A1 S87 2000 (Ref)
  • Zich, McCann, The Lawyer's Research Companion: A Concise Guide to Sources KF 240 L37 1998 (Ref)
    See Chapter 7: "Legal Research on the Internet" by Susan Ryan and William Ryan.



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Selected Journals

The Internet Connection TK 5105.875 I57 I25 (Lockwood Per.)

Internet Law Report KF 242 A1 I58

Internet Law Researcher KF 242 A1 I584

Internet Reference Services Quarterly Z 674.82 I59 I596 (Lockwood Per.); Online

Journal of Internet Law KF 390.5 .C6 J68