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Evidence: Books, Treatises, & More

Last Updated: May 22, 2018 11:46 AM


United States Code Annotated (USCA) US 003 U6 (Fed Core)
Also via Westlaw (law students only) 

United States Code Service (USCS) US 003 U67 (Fed Core)
Also via Lexis (law students only)

West, Federal Civil Judicial Procedure and Rules KF 8816 A193 (Most recent on Reserve)

West, Federal Criminal Code and Rules KF 9606.99 D567 (Most recent on Reserve)

Bailey & Trelles, Federal Rules of Evidence: Legislative Histories and Related Documents KF 8931.5 1980


Mueller & Kirkpatrick, Federal Evidence, 3rd ed. KF8935 .L68 2007 Also Westlaw*

Wright & Miller, Federal Practice and Procedure KF 8840 W68 (Most recent at Ref); Also Westlaw*

Fishman, Jones on Evidence: Civil & Criminal, 7th ed. KF 8935 J62 1992 

Moore's Federal Practice, 3rd ed. KF 8820 A313 M63 1997 (Ref); Also Lexis*

Wigmore, Evidence in Trials at Common Law, 3rd ed. KF 8935 W54 1940 

Imwinkelreid & Friedman, The New Wigmore: A Treatise on Evidence, Evidentiary Privileges, 2nd ed. KF 8935 W542 I49 2010 

Kaye & Friedman, The New Wigmore: A Treatise on Evidence, Expert Evidence KF 8935 W542 K39 2004 

Leonard & Friedman, The new Wigmore: A Treatise on Evidence, Selected Rules of Limited Admissibility KF 8935 W542 L46 2002 

Wharton's Criminal Evidence, 14th ed. KF 9660 W43 1997 Also Westlaw*

*Westlaw/Lexis access restricted to law students only



Younger, Principles of Evidence, 6th ed. KF 8934 P72 2007


A.L.I., Model Code of Evidence KF 8935 M63 1942


Federal Rules of Evidence Digest KF 8935 F42 1982


National Directory of Expert Witnesses KF 195 E96 N37
Also via The Internet Online Directory at 


Am-Jur, Proof of Facts, 3rd ed. KF 8933 A42 1988 Also Westlaw*

*Westlaw/Lexis access restricted to law students only


Graham, Federal Rules of Evidence in a Nutshell, 7th ed. KF 8935 Z9 G7 2007 (Study Aids)

Graham, Handbook of Federal Evidence, 6th ed. KF 8935 G68 2006 Also Westlaw*

Imwinkelried, Evidentiary Foundations, 7th ed. KF 8935 I45 2008 Also Lexis*

Lempert, Evidence Stories KF 8934 E944 2006

Nemeth, Law and Evidence KF 9660 N46 2001 

Park, Evidence Law (Hornbook) KF 8935 P368 2004 (Reserve)

Rothstein, Evidence in a Nutshell: State & Federal Rules, 5th ed. KF 8935 Z9 R6 2007 (Study Aids)

Tilford, McCormick on Evidence, 6th ed. KF 8935 M29 2006

*Westlaw/Lexis access restricted to law student only


Anderson, Analysis of Evidence: How to Do Things with Facts Based on Wigmore's Science of Judicial Proof KF 8935 A845 1991 

Bocchino, A Practical Guide to Federal Evidence: Objections, Responses, Rules, and Practice Commentary, 7th ed. KF 8935 Z9 B58 2005 

Faigman, Modern Scientific Evidence: The Law & Science of Expert Testimony, 2005/2006 ed. KF 8961 M632 Also Westlaw* 

Fontham, Trial Technique and Evidence, 2nd ed. KF 8915 F64 2002 [3rd ed. 2008 on order]

Graham, Modern State & Federal Evidence KF 8935 G685 1989 

Imwinkelried, Courtroom Criminal Evidence,, 4th ed. KF 9660 C68 2005 Also Lexis*

Joseph, Evidence in America: The Federal Rules in the States KF 8935 Z95 J67 1987 

Levinson, Questioned Documents: A Lawyer's Handbook K 2269 L48 2001 

Lipson, Is It Admissible? KF 8935 I85 (Reserve, Koren AV) 

McCarthy, Making Trial Objections KF 8935 M25 1986 

Mueller, Kirkpatrick, Modern Evidence: Doctrine & Practice KF 8935 M845 1995 

O'Connor, O'Connor's Federal Rules, Civil Trials KF 8816 A2 1998 

Park, Shapard's Quick Reference Guide to Trial Objections KF 8935 P368 1993 

Park, Trial Objections Handbook, 2nd ed. KF 8935 P37 2001 Also Westlaw*

Saltzburg, Federal Rules of Evidence Manual:  Complete Guide to the Federal Rules of Evidence, 9th ed. KF 8935 S2 2006 Also Lexis*

Schwartz, Engineering Evidence, 3rd ed. KF 8968.25 S39 1996 

Tufte, Visual Explanations: Images & Quantities, Evidence & Narrative BF 241 T83 1997 (Lockwood)  

Young, Young's Federal Rules of Evidence, 4th ed. KF 8935 Y682 

*Westlaw/Lexis access restricted to law students only