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Land Use and Zoning: Basic Resources

Last Updated: Jul 24, 2018 7:01 PM

Nutshells & Study Guides

Selected Print Resources -- LAND USE & ZONING



  • Delaney, Land Use Practice and Forms: Handling the Land Use Case, 2d ed. KF 5698 S37 1997 (Also Koren AV)
  • Also via Westlaw (law students only)

Special Topics

New York

  • Damsky, All You Ever Wanted to Know About Zoning, 3rd ed. HD 266 N7 C56 1999
  • Flynn, Zoning Board of Appeals Practice in New York KFN 5811 F59 1996 (Also NY Alcove)
  • Gerrard, Environmental Impact Review in New York KFN 5610 G47 1990 (Also NY Alcove)
  • Mafucci, The Basics: Administrative Appeals, Special Permits, Variances: A Primer of New York Law KFN 5810 M34 1995
  • Morris, New York Practice Guide: Real Estate KFN 5140 N48 1986 (NY Alcove; Vol. 3 also on Reserve)
  • NYS: Dept. of State, Guide to Planning and Zoning Laws of New York State KFN 5810 G85 1996
  • Salkin, New York Zoning Law and Practice, 4th ed. KFN 5811 A95 2000 (NY Alcove, Koren AV)


  • Kmiec, Zoning and Planning Deskbook, 2nd ed. KF 5698 K59 2001 - Also via Westlaw (law students only)
  • Malone, Environmental Regulation of Land Use KF 5698 M264 1990 - Also via Westlaw (law students only)
  • Mandelker, Land Use Law, 5th ed. KF 5698 M29 2003 - Also via Lexis (law students only)
  • Rohan, Zoning and Land Use Controls KF 5698 R63 - Also via Lexis (law students only)
  • Williams, Williams and Taylor American Land Planning Law: Land Use and the Police Power KF 5698 W54 2003 - Also via Westlaw (law students only)
  • Yokley, Zoning Law and Practice, 4th ed. KF 5698 Y63 1978 - Also via Lexis (law students only)
  • Young, Anderson's American Law of Zoning, 4th ed. KF 5698 A76 1996 - Also via Westlaw (law students only)
  • Ziegler, Rathkopf's the Law of Zoning and Planning, 4th ed. KF 5698 R37 1975 - Also via Westlaw (law students only)

Hornbooks & Guides

  • Blaesser, Discretionary Land Use Controls: Avoiding Invitations to Abuse of Discretion KF 5698 B53 - Also via Westlaw (law students only) 
  • Blaesser, Federal Land Use Law and Litigation KF 5698 M284 2008 - Also via Westlaw (law students only)
  • Elliott, A Better Way to Zone KF 5698 E45 2008 
  • Juergensmeyer, Land Use Planning and Control Law, 2nd ed. KF 5692 J84 1998 (Reserve) - Also via Westlaw (law students only)
  • Salkin, Trends in Land Use Law from A to Z : Adult Uses to Zoning (with forms) KF 5692 T74 2001 
  • Salsich, Land Use Regulation, 2nd ed. KF 5698 S243 2003 
  • Wright, Land Use in a Nutshell, 5th ed. KF 5698 Z9 W74 2006 (Study Aids)
  • Salkin, Zoning and Planning Law Handbook KF 5697A152 Z66

Selected Journals

Planning & Environmental Law (formerly Land Use Law & Zoning Digest) K 30 O5

Proceedings of the Institute on Planning, Zoning & Eminent Domain KF 5692 A5 I53

Zoning and Planning Law Report KF 5697 A15 B6