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Land Use and Zoning: Basic Resources

Last Updated: May 22, 2018 12:08 PM

Nutshells & Study Guides

Selected Print Resources -- LAND USE & ZONING


Mandelker, Planning and Control of Land Development, 4th ed. KF 5698.3 A7 M36 1995

Selmi, Land Use Regulation KF 5698 A4 S45 1999


Delaney, Land Use Practice and Forms: Handling the Land Use Case, 2d ed. KF 5698 S37 1997 (Also Koren AV)
Also via Westlaw (law students only)


Eagle, Regulatory Takings, 4th ed. KF 5599 E18 2009
Also via Lexis (law students only) 

Gerard, Local Regulation of Adult Businesses KF 5699 L63 1992 

Korngold, Property Stories KF 5698 P76 2004

Kushner, Comparative Urban Planning Law KF 5692 K87 2003

Kushner, Healthy Cities KF 5692 K88 2007

Nolon, Well grounded : Using Local Land Use Authority to Achieve Smart Growth KFN 5811 N65 2001

Schultz, Model Subdivision Regulations KF 5698 F7 1995


Damsky, All You Ever Wanted to Know About Zoning, 3rd ed. HD 266 N7 C56 1999

Flynn, Zoning Board of Appeals Practice in New York KFN 5811 F59 1996 (Also NY Alcove)

Gerrard, Environmental Impact Review in New York KFN 5610 G47 1990 (Also NY Alcove)

Mafucci, The Basics: Administrative Appeals, Special Permits, Variances: A Primer of New York Law KFN 5810 M34 1995

Morris, New York Practice Guide: Real Estate KFN 5140 N48 1986 (NY Alcove; Vol. 3 also on Reserve)

NYS: Dept. of State, Guide to Planning and Zoning Laws of New York State KFN 5810 G85 1996

Salkin, New York Zoning Law and Practice, 4th ed. KFN 5811 A95 2000 (NY Alcove, Koren AV)


Kmiec, Zoning and Planning Deskbook, 2nd ed. KF 5698 K59 2001 
Also via Westlaw (law students only)
Malone, Environmental Regulation of Land Use KF 5698 M264 1990 
Also via Westlaw (law students only)
Mandelker, Land Use Law, 5th ed. KF 5698 M29 2003 
Also via Lexis (law students only)

Rohan, Zoning and Land Use Controls KF 5698 R63 
Also via Lexis (law students only)

Williams, Williams and Taylor American Land Planning Law: Land Use and the Police Power KF 5698 W54 2003 
Also via Westlaw (law students only)
Yokley, Zoning Law and Practice, 4th ed. KF 5698 Y63 1978 
Also via Lexis (law students only)

Young, Anderson's American Law of Zoning, 4th ed. KF 5698 A76 1996 
Also via Westlaw (law students only)

Ziegler, Rathkopf's the Law of Zoning and Planning, 4th ed. KF 5698 R37 1975 
Also via Westlaw (law students only)


Blaesser, Discretionary Land Use Controls: Avoiding Invitations to Abuse of Discretion KF 5698 B53 
Also via Westlaw (law students only) 

Blaesser, Federal Land Use Law and Litigation KF 5698 M284 2008 
Also via Westlaw (law students only)

Elliott, A Better Way to Zone KF 5698 E45 2008 

Juergensmeyer, Land Use Planning and Control Law, 2nd ed. KF 5692 J84 1998 (Reserve)
Also via Westlaw (law students only)

Salkin, Trends in Land Use Law from A to Z : Adult Uses to Zoning (with forms) KF 5692 T74 2001 

Salsich, Land Use Regulation, 2nd ed. KF 5698 S243 2003 

Wright, Land Use in a Nutshell, 5th ed. KF 5698 Z9 W74 2006 (Study Aids)

Salkin, Zoning and Planning Law Handbook KF 5697A152 Z66

Selected Journals

Planning & Environmental Law (formerly Land Use Law & Zoning Digest) K 30 O5

Proceedings of the Institute on Planning, Zoning & Eminent Domain KF 5692 A5 I53

Zoning and Planning Law Report KF 5697 A15 B6