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Legal Ethics: Books & Other Materials

Last Updated: May 22, 2018 12:08 PM

Audio Resources - Ethics

Chemerinsky, Professional Responsibility, Gilbert's Law School Legends (CD) KF 1250 F44 1997

Dzienkowski, Professional Responsibility, Sum & Substance of Law (CD) KF 1250 F56 2005

The audio materials are available in the Koren AV Center located on the 5th floor of the Law Library, unless otherwise noted.


Current Code

ABA, Compendium of Professional Responsibility Rules & Standards KF 306 A733 (Most recent at Ref Desk) 

Annotated Model Rules of Professional Conduct, 6th ed. KF 305 A2 2007 (Ref Desk); Westlaw*

Model Code of Judicial Conduct KF 8779 A936 2008 (Ref Desk)

ABA, Model Rules of Professional Conduct KF 306 M63 (Most current Reserve; also Ref); Lexis*

Professional Responsibility Standards, Rules & Statutes KF 305 A29 S45 (Also Ref)

Regulation of Lawyers: Statutes and Standards KF 305 A15 R44 2009 (Most recent in Ref)

Historical Codes

ABF, Annotated Code of Professional Responsibility KF 305 A2 1979a (Ref)

ABA, Annotated Model Rules of Professional Conduct KF 305 A2 2007 (Ref Desk)

Legislative History

A Legislative History: The Development of the ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct, 1982-2005 KF 306 L45 2006 (Ref)

Geyh, Reporters' Notes to the Model Code of Judicial Conduct KF 8779 G49 2009

ABA Opinions, Opinions of the Committee on Professional Ethics and Grievances, with the Canons of Professional and Judicial Ethics (#1-291; Supp. #292-311) KF 305 A2 Opin 1957 (Also Reserve)

Opinions of the Committee on Professional Ethics, with the Canons of Professional Ethics Annotated and Canons of Judicial Ethics, Annotated (Opinions #1-315, Supp. #316-320) KF 305 A2 Opin 1967 (Also Reserve)

ABA Committee on Professional Ethics Opinions:

Research Guide

Peoples, L., Legal Ethics: A Legal Research Guide, 2d ed. KF 306 P46 2006 (Ref)


Restatement of the Law, The Law Governing Lawyers KF 300 R473 2000 (Also Ref); Westlaw and Lexis*

ABA Reports 

ABA, Report of the Commission on Evaluation of the Rules of Professional Conduct KF 306 A7482 2000 (Ref)


ABA, Bureau of National Affairs, Lawyer's Manual on Professional Conduct KF 305 A8 A23; Westlaw and Lexis*
Contains full text model rules and standards; full text ABA ethics opinions; digests of state and local ethics opinions; individual topical sections with practical guidance, background information, and application examples; and indexes for both opinions and topical sections. 

National Reporter on Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibility KF 305 A8 N37; Lexis*
State ethical codes and opinions (formal & informal).

Handbooks & Practice Guides

ABA, Compendium of Client Protection Rules KF 314 C45 C66 2007 

ABA, The Lawyer's Desk Guide to Preventing Malpractice KF 313 H84 1999 

ABA, The Lawyer's Guide to Records Management and Retention KF 320 R42 C86 2006 (Also Koren AV) 

ABA, The Lawyer Regulation Handbook KF 308 L39 1999 

Alfini, Judicial Conduct and Ethics KF 8779 S47 2007

Barkett, The Ethics of e-Discovery KF 8902 E42 B39 2009

Blomquist, Lawyerly Virtues KF 306 B56 2008 

Crystal, Professional Responsibility: Problems of Practice and the Profession KF 306 C79 2004 

Fortune, Modern Litigation and Professional Responsibility Handbook, 2nd ed. KF 306 F67 2001 

Hazard, Law of Lawyering, 3rd ed. KF 306 H33 2001  

Joy, Do No Wrong: Ethics for Prosecutors and Defenders KF 9619 J69 2009 

Krauss, Partner Departures and Lateral Moves: A Legal and Ethical Guide KF 306 K73 2009 

Mallen, Legal Malpractice KF 313 M29Westlaw*

McMorrow, Federal Law of Attorney Conduct KF 8820 A313 M63a conduct 2001 

PLI, Legal Malpractice: Techniques to Avoid Liability KF 313 L42 1999 

Salkin, Ethical Standards in the Public Sector KF 299 G6 E87 2008 

Shaffer, Lawyers, Clients, and Moral Responsibility KF 306 S455 1994 

Ethics Essentials: A Primer for New Judges on Conflicts, Outside Activities, and Other Potential Pitfalls KF 8779 E84 2006 

Wisotsky, Professional Judgment on Appeal: bringing and Opposing Appeals KF 9050 W57 2009 

Wolfram, Modern Legal Ethics KF 306 W59 1986 

Zitrin, Legal Ethics in the Practice of Law, 2nd ed. KF 306 Z57 2001  

Casebooks, Hornbooks & Study Aids

Cohen, G., Foundations of the Law and Ethics of Lawyering KF 306 A4 F68 2004

Freedman, Understanding Lawyers - Ethics, 3rd ed. KF 306 F76 2004

Giesel, Mastering Professional Responsibility KF 306 G544 2009 (Study Aids)

Rotunda, Professional Responsibility: A Student's Guide KF 306 R684 2008

Rotunda, Legal Ethics in a Nutshell, 3rd ed. KF 306 Z9 R688 2007 (Study Aids)

Wendel, Professional Responsibility: Examples and Explanations KF 306 W46 2007 (Study Aids)


*Westlaw/Lexis access is restricted to law students only