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Pre-Trial Procedure: Print Resources

Last Updated: May 22, 2018 12:19 PM



Bender's Forms of Discovery KF 8900 A3 B4 1963

Practitioners' Handbooks

Brown, Callaghan’s Bills of Particulars in New York KFN 6021 B5 G74 1990

Danner, Medical Malpractice: Checklists and Discovery KF 8900 D326 2004 (Also Koren AV); Westlaw*

Danner, Pattern Deposition Checklists, 4th ed. KF 8900 D3 1998 (Also Koren AV); Westlaw*
Danner, Pattern Discovery: Motor Vehicles, 3rd ed. KF 8900 D3265 1994; Westlaw*

Danner, Pattern Discovery: Employment Discrimination, 2nd ed. KF 8900 D32 1993 (Also Koren AV); Westlaw*

Danner, Pattern Discovery: Tort Actions, 3rd ed. KF 8900 D34 1994; Westlaw*

Danner, Pattern Discovery: Premises Liability, 3rd ed. KF 8900 D327 1994; Westlaw*

Danner, Pattern Discovery: Products Liability, 3rd ed. KF 8900 D328 1995; Westlaw*

Payne, Modern New York Discovery, 2nd ed. KFN 6020 D87 2004 (NY Alcove)

Haydock, Discovery Practice, 5th ed. KF 8900 H43 2009 

Hecht, Effective Depositions, 2nd ed. KF 8900 E35 2010 

Imwinkelried, Pretrial Discovery: Strategy and Tactics, Rev. ed KF 8900 I48 1999

Koeltl, The Litigation Manual, 3rd ed. KF 8915 A2 L57 1999

Lisnek, Depositions: Procedure, Strategy & Technique, 3rd ed. KF 8900 L57 2003

Malone, The Effective Deposition, Rev. 3rd ed. KF 8900 M34 2006

Malone, Deposition Rules: The Pocket Guide to Who, What, When, Where, Why & How  KF 8900 M33 2001

Martiniak, How to Take and Defend Depositions, 3rd ed. KF 8900 M37 2002

Mauet, Pretrial, 8th ed. KF 8900 M38 2012 (Also Koren AV) 

Rosner, Preparing Witnesses KF 8915 A83 2006

Shapiro, How to Survive a Deposition KF 8900 S494 1994

Shepards, Discovery Proceedings in Federal Court, 3rd ed. KF 8900 S5 1995

Small, Preparing Witnesses: a Practical Guide for Lawyers and their Clients KF 8950 S63 2009

Zalayet, NY Examination Before Trial and Other Disclosure Devices, 2nd ed. KFN 6020 K47 1998 (NY Alcove)

Nutshells & Study Guides

Dessem, Pre-trial Litigation in a Nutshell, 4th ed. KF 8900 D49 2012(Study Aids)

Karlen, Procedure Before Trial in a Nutshell KF 8900 K37 1972 


*Westlaw/Lexis access is restricted to law students only

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