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Trial Practice: Books & Treatises

Last Updated: May 22, 2018 12:24 PM

Printed Resources -- TRIAL PRACTICE


Am Jur Proof of Facts, 3rd ed. KF 8933 A42 1988; Westlaw*
Provides legal background text, elements of proof, model discovery, illustrative questions & answers.
Includes an illustrated medical dictionary.

Am Jur Trials KF 8915 A74 1964; Westlaw*
An encyclopedic guide to the modern practices, techniques, and tactics used in preparing and trying cases, with model programs for the handling of all types of litigation.

Cyclopedia of Trial Practice, 2nd ed. KF 8913 S32 1970

Shepard's Causes of Action KF 8863 S53 1983

Shepard's Causes of Action 2d KF 8863 S53 1993
Each article analyzes the elements of the cause of action, explains their proof, getting the case into court and through trial.

Shepard's Preparing for Settlement and Trial KF 8900 P727 1985
Covers personal injury, family law, wills, civil rights, securities fraud, & products liability. Includes master checklists and law and procedure for both plaintiff and defendant.

Communication Skills

ABA, Trial Communication Skills, 2nd ed. KF 8915 A85 1996; Westlaw*

Ball, Theater Tips & Strategies for Jury Trials, 3rd ed. KF 8915 Z9 B34 2003

Tigar, Persuasion: The Litigator’s Art KF 8915 T55 1999

Wilkins, Persuasive Jury Communication KF 8972 W55 1994 

Jury Selection 

Frederick, Mastering Voir Dire and Jury Selection, 2nd ed. KF 8979 F3 2005  (Also Koren AV) 

Gobert, Jury Selection: The Law, Art & Science of Selecting a Jury, 3rd ed. KF 8979 J67 2009; Westlaw*

Hamlin, What Makes Juries Listen Today, 2nd ed. KF 8972 H28 1998

National Jury Project, Jurywork: Systematic Techniques, 2nd ed. KF 9680 J875 1983; Westlaw*

Sand, Modern Federal Jury Instructions KF 9682 A65 M64 1984; Lexis*

Potuto, Federal Criminal Jury Instructions, 2nd ed. KF 9682 A65 S24 1991

Werchick, Civil Jury Selection, 2nd ed. KF 8979 W48 1993

West, Federal Jury Practice & Instructions: Civil & Criminal KF 8984 D4 

Treatises, Nutshells & Handbooks

ABA, Going to Trial: A Step-by-Step Guide to Trial Practice & Procedure, 2nd ed. KF 8915 G65 1999 

ABA, How to Prepare Witnesses for Trial, 2nd ed. KF 8915 A83 1998

ABA, McElhaney's Trial Notebook, 4th ed. KF 8915 Z9 M25 2005

Bailey/Fishman, Criminal Trial Techniques KF 9656 B29 1994; Westlaw*

Bergman, Trial Advocacy in a Nutshell, 4th ed. KF 8915 Z9 B47 2006

Broder, Trial Handbook for New York Lawyers, 3rd ed. KFN 6025 B76 1996 (NY Alcove)

Finem, How-to-Win Trial Manual: Winning Trial Advocacy in a Nutshell, Rev. 4th ed. KF 8915 F54 2008 (Study Aids)

Fontham, Trial Technique and Evidence, 3rd ed. KF 8915 F64 2008

Givens, Advocacy: The Art of Pleading a Cause, 3rd ed. KF 8915 G55 1992

Hegland, Trial and Clinical Skills in a Nutshell, 4th ed. KF 8915 Z9 A43 2005 (Study Aids)

Hunter, Federal Trial Handbook: Civil / Criminal, 4th ed. KF 8915 H852 civ.; KF 8915 H852 crim.; Westlaw*

Lane, Goldstein Trial Technique, 3rd ed. KF 8915 G62 1984; Westlaw*

Mauet, Trial Techniques, 8th ed. KF 8915 M38 2010 (Reserve)

PLI, Civil Litigation Institute KF 8841 C475 (Also Koren AV) 

PLI, How to Handle Your First Criminal Trial KF 9656 H69 1997 (Also Koren AV)

Purver, The Trial Lawyer's Book KF 8915 T72 1990 

Siemer, Effective Use of Courtroom Technology KF 8915 Z9 E375 2002 (Also Koren AV)

Sinclair, Trial Handbook, 3rd ed. KF 8915 S56 2002 (Also Koren AV)

Sonsteng, The Trialbook, 2nd ed. KF 8915 S66 1995 (Also Koren AV)

West, Civil Actions Against the United States KF 9065 C58 2002 


*Westlaw/Lexis access restricted to law students only

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