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Classic Catalog Help: Expert Search Codes

Last Updated: Oct 16, 2018 2:48 PM

(Common Command Language - CCL)

Code Description Search Examples
WAU Keywords in person, corporate and congress author fields wau=strunk and white
wau=securities and exchange and commission
wau=american and technology and meeting
WCK Textual elements of all call numbers. See Help for list of searchable words. wck=dvd
WGA Keywords in geographic area codes wga=georgia
WGM Keywords in the general material designation (GMD).
Consult list of GMDs
wgm=electronic resource
wgm=sound recording
WLC All call numbers containing terms entered. (keyword search) wlc=hq78?
WLN Keywords in the language codes. See Language List WLN=chi
WNC Keywords in table of contents notes wnc=wright and torts
wnc=gershwin and rhapsody
wnc=(rodgers or hammerstein) and musical
WNO Keywords in content, dissertation or summary fields wno=(indian or indians) and american
wno=ecopoetics and buffalo and dissertation
WPL Keywords in the place of publication field wpl=buffalo and n.y.
wpl=springfield not (virginia or va)
WPU Keywords in the publisher field wpu=wiley
wpu=government and printing and office
WRD Keywords anywhere in the record, including numeric data wrd=niagara falls
wrd=(spine or spinal) and (stenosis or arthritis)
WSM Keywords in MeSH only wsm=neoplasms and physicians
wsm=glaucoma and (therapy or diagnosis)
WSU Keywords in all subject fields including L.C. and MeSH wsu=united states and petroleum
wsu=molecular and biology
WTI Keywords in the title field, series titles, other titles wti=genius
wti=quantitative applications in the social sciences
WUT Keywords in uniform titles wut=crime in the united states
wut=( icc or international chamber of commerce) and publication
wut=commerce and chamber and publication
WYR Year of publication wyr=2000

Keyword Qualifiers by Sublibrary

These sublibrary qualifiers may be used with the addition of other keyword search keys.

For example: wrd=nutshell and wsl=bufla

This search will retrieve records for materials containing the word nutshell that are located in the Law Library.

Code Library Search Example
BUFAN Annex wsl=bufan
BUFAP Architecture and Planning Library wsl=bufap
BUFSI Capen Libraries wsl=bufsi
BUFMM Capen Multimedia Center wsl=bufmm
BUFCT Central Technical Services wsl=bufct
BUFER Electronic Reserves wsl=bufer
BUFHM Health Sciences Library - Media Resources Center wsl=bufhm
BUFHS Health Sciences Library wsl=bufhs
BUFIT Instructional Technology Services wsl=bufit
ILR International Leisure Reading wcl=ilr
BUFKO Law Library - Koren AV Center wsl=bufko
BUFLA Law Library wsl=bufla
BUFLO Lockwood Library wsl=buflo
BUFMU Music Library wsl=busmu
BUFON Online wsl=bufon
BUFSC Special Collections wsl=bufsc

Search By Collection or Location

Use these codes with "wcl=" to search for items within a certain collection.

For example: wcl=lread

This search will retrieve items found in the UGL Leisure Reading Collection

Code Collection
CS Closed Stacks (ASL)
DOC Government Documents Collection (ASL)
GEN General Collection OR Book Collection
RES Reserve Collection (all units)
REF REF Reference Collection (all units)
REFD REFD Reference Desk Collection (all units)
ETS ETS Educational Technology Services
MN MN Microforms & Newspapers
INT INT Access through Internet
ONL ONL Online BISON Databases
TH TH Thesis Collection
ETD ETD Electronic Theses and Dissertations
DI Dissertation Collection (Capen & Lockwood)
NSH Not yet moved - currently in Health Sciences Library
NSL Not yet moved - currently in Law Library
NSM NSM Not yet moved - currently in Music Library
NSS Not yet moved - currently in Science & Engineering Library
BIND At Bindery
DUM Dummy (Central Technical Services)
OC Office Copy
OCQ MCEER Office Copy
EBK Electronic Book
EJNL Access through Internet

Unit Specific

Code Collection
GENSS Architecture/Planning Book Collection (SUNY Shared Collection title)
MPROJ Architecture/Planning Masters Project Collection
ART Archives Artifacts
GENA Archives Collection
AVA Archives Audio Visual Collection
ER Archives Electronic Records
HIST Archives History and Clipping File
MANUA Archives Manuscript Collection
MICA Archives Microform Area
NONU Archives Non-University Publications
PERA Archives Periodical Collection
RBK Archives Rare Books Collection
STORA Archives Storage Collection
THA Archives Thesis Collection
TLC Office of Educational Innovation & Assessment
AV Capen Multimedia Center Audio Visual Collection
MIC Capen Multimedia Center Microform Area Collection
GNOV Graphic Novels area
GENSS Health Sciences Book Collection (SUNY Shared Collection title)
HMED Health Sciences History of Medicine Collection
HMEDR Health Sciences History of Medicine Reference
JRNL Health Sciences Journal Collection
MRC Health Sciences Media Resources Center Collection
MRCRS Health Sciences Media Resources Center Reserve Collection
MEZZI Health Sciences Mezzanine Index Collection
NS Law & Music Non-Circulating Collection
LARCH Law Special Collections
CRES Law Course Reserve Collection
FAC Law Faculty Library Collection
FEDC Law Federal Core Collection
LRES2 Law General 2 Hr/Overnight Collection
GENSS Law General Collection (SUNY Shared Collection title)
LL Law Loose-Leaf Collection
NYA Law New York Alcove Collection
NYC Law New York Core Collection
STC Law State Core Collection
SS Law Superseded Collection
REFO Lockwood & Capen Reference Oversize Collection
STOR1 Lockwood & Capen In Storage - Request At Circulation
PER Lockwood & Architecture/Planning Periodical Collections
GENSS Lockwood Book Collection (SUNY Shared Collection title)
CC Lockwood Curriculum Collection
EA Lockwood East Asian Collection
EAREF Lockwood East Asian Reference
JUV Lockwood Juvenile Collection
N Lockwood Newspapers Area Collection
POL Lockwood Polish Collection
POREF Lockwood Polish Reference Collection
REFI Lockwood Reference Index Area Collection
ISSC Ask at Lockwood Circ Desk for issues
STOR Music & Architecture/Planning Storage Collection
ARCH Music Archive Non-Circulating Collection
CIRC Music Circulation Desk Collection
THDI Music Circulation Desk Thesis/Dissertation Collection
DENK Music Denkmaler Collection
FC Music Flat Case Collection
GENSS Music General Collection (SUNY Shared Collection title)
PARTS Music Parts Collection
TS Music Technical Services
TR Music Treasure Room Collection
GENP Poetry Collection
AVP Poetry Audio Visual Collection
CAB Poetry Cabinet Collection
NANUP Poetry Manuscript Collection
MAP Poetry Mapcase Collection
MICP Poetry Microform Area
OCP Poetry Office Copy
PERP Poetry Periodical Collection
REFP Poetry Reference Collection
GENS Science & Engineering Book Collection
GENSS Science & Engineering Book Collection (SUNY Shared Collection title)
PERS Science & Engineering Periodical Collection
REFAB Capen Reference Abstracts
LREAD Undergraduate Leisure Reading Collection
GENU Undergraduate Book Collection
PERU Undergraduate Periodical Collection
RREF Undergraduate Ready Reference Collection
ISSUR Ask at Undergraduate Circ Desk for issues
MAP Map Room
ATLAS Map Room Atlas
MAPR Map Room Reference Collection

Heading Begins With

Code Description Example
AUT Personal, corporate, meeting and conference heading aut=grisham, john
aut=new york state dept of environmental conservation
AWT Author/Title awt=hemingway, ernest, 1899-1961, sun
awt=brown, dan, 1964, da vinci
BAR Barcode bar = 39072029733452
bar=39072026547277 or bar=39072016585766
CNA All call numbers beginning with terms entered. cna=z699.35
cna=ed 1.49/ 2-2: 994/ 10
ISBN International Standard Book Number isbn=0684102455
ISSN International Standard Serial Number issn=0098-7484 0002-9955
LCI Library of Congress (LC) call numbers lci=kf 251
MSH National Library of Medicine (NLM) call number msh=WC 750 R671m 2003
PLA Place of publication pla=oxford england
PUB Publisher pub=university of california press
SGN Genre subject heading sgn=biographical fiction
SUL Library of Congress Subject Heading sul=history
SUM MeSH subject heading sum=medicine, chinese
SYS System number sys = 002366868
TIT Titles, series titles, other titles tit=harvard series in ukrainian studies
tit=long days journey into night
028 Music Publisher number 028=234
035 Utility number 035=OCoLC57243361
035=RLIN NYBS92-R633
260 Publisher 260=scribner


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