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Counseling and Psychotherapy in Video and Sound: Home

Last Updated: Sep 21, 2020 1:17 PM

Counseling and Psychotherapy in Video and Sound

Lockwood Library supports a rich collection of video and sound recordings produced by the American Psychological Association and other publishers. These recordings present real and simulated clinical sessions. They offer a unique opportunity to see and hear the luminaries of the field (e.g., Aaron Beck, Albert Ellis, Virginia Satir) as well as ordinary practitioners in action. The 200+ videos in this collection are housed in the Multimedia Center on the 2nd floor of Silverman Library (645-1328). The loan period for these materials is 10 days. Another 350+videos can be streamed directly to your computer from Counseling and Therapy in Video. This database features searchable on-screen transcripts that enable users to zero in on specific disorders, themes, techniques, populations, and the like. Several dozen streamable sound recordings are also available. These may be accessed through the UB Libraries Catalog by title or under the keywords "streaming audio and psychotherapy, family therapy, relaxation," etc. (Please note that purchase recommendations are always welcome.)


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