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Creating a Digital Artifact: Tools to Enhance Your Next Project: Slideshows

A Digital Artifact is an object that represents one’s learning. In today’s changing educational landscape, more courses call for a visual item as opposed to a “traditional” assignment or project. There are a multitude of free tools and software at our fin
Last Updated: Jan 12, 2021 9:27 PM

Google Slides


How to use Google Slides



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Best Practices for Slideshow Presentations

  • Consider the audience
  • Keep it simple
  • Have a title page that stands out
  • Limit transitions and animations
  • Use appropriate visual aids and images
  • Use audio or video (but avoid using autoplay for media)
  • Use appropriate color schemes
  • Use large font sizes (minimum of 24pt)

For more information, visit Best Practices for Designing Presentation Slides