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Geographic Information Analysis Lab (GIAL) : Geography Awareness Week & GIS Day

This guide collects information relevant to GIAL users and visitors. GIS data sources, GIS news, GIAL event information and workshop recordings will be posted here.
Last Updated: May 3, 2022 11:33 AM

2019 & 2020 GIS Day Showcase & Panel

Congratulations to the GIS Day 2020 Map Competition Winners!

First Place: Proposed Green Infrastructure Locations in Los Angeles County

During this project green infrastructure was assumed to be beneficial in areas with poor stormwater quality, higher land surface temperature (LST), large amounts of impervious areas, low amounts of vegetation, and high-risk demographics. Water quality data included median E. coli and total suspended solids (TSS) concentrations, created from data provided by California Environmental Data Exchange Network (CEDEN). The demographic data was acquired from the 2016 American Community Survey, and included low income households (lower than $54,250 per year), people over the age of 65, and people under the age of five. The highest priority tracts for green infrastructure implementation included: high LST, high E. Coli, high TSS, high impervious, low vegetation, low parks, low canopy, and more high-risk demographics.

Submitted by: Riley Blasiak, Civil Engineering and Environmental Engineering (2022)

choropleth map showing locations in Los Angeles

Second Place: COVID-19 Lockdown and Liquor Store Visits in Chicago

Compared with the liquor store visits in a normal week in 2019, people in Chicago visited fewer liquor stores and traveled in shorter distances overall in the first week of COVID-19 lockdown. However, some census block groups showed large numbers of people visiting nearby liquor stores.

Submitted by: Ting Chang, Department of Geography (2021)

Map showing paths of liquor store trips in Chicago

Third Place: A Wetness Index for Chestnut Ridge Park

This is part of a Climate Vulnerability Assessment being developed in conjunction with UB and Erie County.

Submitted by: Jonathan Townsend, Geography (2023)

3 maps showing chestnut ridge park boundaries and wetness area

2020 Presentations and Panel Discussion

2019 Geography Awareness Week Map Contest Winners

First Place: Ryan Green           
Second Place: Vanessa Neff           

2021 GIS Day Showcase & Panel

Congratulations to the GIS Day 2021 StoryMaps Showcase Winners!

UB - Singapore Institute of Management (SIM)

First Place: Li Yun Ooi, Plant-Based Food in Singapore               
Second Place: Benjamin Bek Yong Soon, The Quest for Dirt                
Honorable Mentions: 
Darrel Ang, Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Singapore        
Jacylin Tham, The Rojak culture of Singapore        

UB - Buffalo Campus

First Place: Anthony Bertalli, Tifft Nature Preserve    
Second place: Sun Ho Hwang, Green Infrastructure around                
Honorable Mention: Jonathan Townsend, Bat Conservation in Western New York How GIS can help us better understand and protect regional keystone species               

All 2021 Showcase Submissions

2021 Panel Discussion, "What's Next? Finding and Keeping a Job in GIS"

Geography Awareness Week & GIS Day Resources