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iLab: Creative Commons and Images

Last Updated: Apr 13, 2021 2:30 PM

CC Licenses

Public domain icon or CC0 1.0

CC0 1.0 means that works are not restricted by copyright and Public Domain.

CC by 2.0 icon

CC by 2.0 means that you can show and transform other owner's images as long as you cite them correctly and indicate what changes you made to the image.

CC by 4.0 icon

CC by 4.0 means that you can show and transform other owner's images as long as you cite them correctly and indicate what changes you made to the image; however, It is more restrictive than the two. 


Creative Commons

creative commons website link

When in Creative Commons, click on the filters to "Use for commercial purposes" and "Modify or adapt" for the most restrictive search.

Citing an Image from a Website on your References Page

Last Name, First Initial or username. (Year of creation). Title of image or [Description of image] [Type of work]. Website Title. URL

van Stratum, B. (2011). [Lightning storm] [Photograph]. Flickr.

Izthatu. (2005). Sunset [Photograph]. Flickr.

Attribution or In-text Citation for an Image on a Digital Composition


  • Indicate the "Title" of the work written in quotation marks
    • Linked to the image's page on the website
  • Indicate the Author of the work either by full name (First Last) or user name (if real name is not given)
    • Linked to the Author's page on the website
  • Write licensed under and then indicate the license (CC0 1.0, CC by 2.0, or CC by 4.0)
    • Linked to the Creative Commons license

Note: These are instructions for using an image in a Digital Composition (presentation, poster, infographic, etc.).

If citing an image in the body of a traditional paper, refer to APA resources for the details on how to create in-text citations for that format.