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Last Updated: Feb 26, 2021 5:46 PM

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Above: The Temple of Poseidon at Sounio, Greece. Image author: Cristina Gottardi. Image source: Unsplash. Image license: Unsplash license.
χαίρετε, ὦ φίλοι!
This site offers an introductory guide
to scholarly works on ancient Greek
culture, history, and literature
for UB students enrolled
in Greek 101.
On these pages, you can find a collection of standard and recent scholarly works in English oriented to the beginning student of ancient Greece and devoted to a wide range of topics. Alongside a broad selection of relevant and authoritative articles from the Oxford Classical Dictionary (4th ed., 2012), the books on this guide have been handpicked to build on the required culture readings in GR101, and have been arranged and presented so as to allow suitably motivated students to continue their engagement with the extraordinary phenomenon of ancient Greek experience. The guide is structured according to the sequence in which these topics are treated in Athenaze (3rd ed., 2016) and in the current syllabus for Greek 101. Suggestions for additions or changes are welcome, and should be addressed to Michael Kicey, Humanities Liaison Librarian & Adjunct Instructor in Classics.
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