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Philosophy Documentation Center/International Directory of Philosophy

Last Updated: Oct 15, 2018 12:35 PM

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What is the PDC?

The Philosophy Documentation Center has been serving the philosophical community on a non-profit basis since 1966 . . . " PDC and Past Masters are components of Philosophy Online “an ongoing project developed jointly by the Philosophy Documentation Center and InteLex Corporation.”

Reading and Searching Journals Online

As of this writing 43 titles for indicated year (some current and some archived) may be read and searched online. There are over 66 additional titles to which we do not subscribe and, therefore, do not have access. Basic and advanced search options (All, Text, Title, Author, Abstract) are provided. Philosophers write about just about anything - a “Text” search for “cats” retrieves 608 documents; a “dogs” “Text” search, 1,082 documents.  To access full text click on PDF beneath the citation.

International Directory of Philosophy

This searchable directory gives contact information, specialization, and a clickable list of philosophy department colleagues. Resources Centers can be identified by name or, through a keyword option, and specialization. Location searching is also provided. Publishers, universities, journals, and societies can be identified similarly.

Dates Covered

Directory information is current. Journals vary.

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