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Last Updated: Nov 13, 2019 2:19 PM

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SciFinder is a major chemical, life sciences, environmental, condensed matter physics, and materials science bibliographic and reference research tool. Users explore this collection by research topic, substance identifier, chemical structure, chemical reaction, or author's name.

The SciFinder Product Page (CAS) provides introductory information and a link to the SciFinder Training Page with additional videos and training materials. SciFinder  provides access to the:

  • Main Chemical Abstracts Service(CAS) literature database of over 43 million references (CAPLUS) back to 1900.
  • CAS substance database (REGISTRY) of over 108 million registered compounds and over 66 million biosequences.
  • CAS Markush Database (MARPAT) of over 1.1 million generic structures from the patent literature.
  • CASREACT database, providing access to over 91 million single-step reactions from the journal literature and patents back to 1840.
  • Commercially available chemicals from suppliers worldwide (CHEMCATS)
  • Regulatory information on hundreds of thousands of chemicals worldwide (CHEMLIST)
  • Entire MEDLINE database from National Library of Medicine (1946+)

Leads to citations and abstracts to journal articles (74%), conference papers (5%), patents (16%), dissertations (2%), books (1%), and technical reports (2%). Coverage includes chemistry, chemical engineering, biochemistry, geochemistry, agricultural chemistry, biomedical and medicinal chemistry, biotechnology, materials science, organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, pharmacology, toxicology, environmental science and hazardous waste management.

Special features allow users to search for information by drawing chemical or generic Markush structures including reaction schemas, polymer compositions, and specific biosequences. The SciPlanner tool permits construction of an entire retrosynthetic pathway. SciFinder also provides access to cited and citing papers.

Dates Covered

1900 to the present; Reactions 1840 to the present; Citing References 1997 to the present.

Print Counterpart

Chemical Abstracts - CALL NUMBER: QD1.C47
In Lockwood Library Periodical Collection (1907-1966)
In Library Annex (1967-2001)

CASREACT (reactions), CHEMCATS (suppliers), and CHEMLIST (regulatory lists) databases do not have any print counterpart.

Special Instructions

Individual user registration separate from your UBIT name is required. This database is available only to current UB students, faculty & staff for non-commercial use.

Before you can use SciFinder, you must register your name, address, e-mail address at the UB/CAS SciFinder Registration Site.  If you have technical or search questions regarding SciFinder, please contact Fred Stoss.

This product is provided for academic research to current authorized University at Buffalo faculty, students and staff only. Our license does not permit use for commercial research.

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How to Register for SciFinder


Step 1- Go to the UB/CAS SciFinder Registration Site.

To access the registration site, you must be a current authorized UB faculty, student or staff member and have a UBIT name and password. 

Step 2- Create Your Account.

Once you're at the UB/CAS SciFinder Registration Site, register your name, address, UB e-mail account ( You will be asked to create your own user name and password that is separate from your UBIT name and password (although you may choose to use your UBIT name and password). Your user name and password must be kept confidential and not shared with any other person, UB-affiliated or not.

Step 3- Search in SciFinder.


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