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Search Tips: Off Campus Access

How to effectively search using our new interface.
Last Updated: Aug 14, 2020 5:32 PM

How Do I Access UB Resources from Off Campus?

Some UB Libraries resources, including those marked UB Only, are provided for academic research to University at Buffalo faculty, students and staff only and require a login when accessed from off the UB computing network.

Screen shot of login window

Off-campus users will be routed to the requested resource through the EZproxy software when a resource requires authentication. When prompted, enter your UBIT name and password.

Proxy Server Bookmarklet

The proxy bookmarklet lets you reload a web page through the Libraries EZproxy server. If the page you are visiting is one that the library has a subscription to, and you're presently off-campus, you will get immediate access to the resource once you've logged in with your UBITName and password.

How Do You Add It?

There's a different method for each of the three main browsers:

  • In Safari and Google Chrome
    Drag this link to your bookmarks toolbar:
    Reload in UB Library Proxy Server
  • In Firefox
    Right-click on the following link, then select the "Bookmark This Link" option:
    Reload in UB Library Proxy Server
  • In Internet Explorer
    Right-click on this link
    Reload in UB Library Proxy Server
    then select the "Add to Favorites..." option. You may be warned that you are adding a link which may be unsafe. While some links like this may be unsafe, we believe this one is safe. You can click whichever option is required to continue.

How Do You Use It?

Once you've added this bookmark to your web browser, selecting it will attempt to reload your current page through the Libraries Proxy Server. If the page is one that you should be able to access by virtue of being faculty, staff, or student at UB, you'll get access to it. Otherwise, you'll see the same page you started with.

Remote Access Connection Problems

Virtual Private Network - VPN (Turn VPN OFF)
The University at Buffalo offers a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service. The VPN service allows you to establish an encrypted tunnel between your computer and UB's VPN server. Most of the Libraries' databases use an IP authentication method and VPN will interfere with the EZproxy authentication process. Therefore, if you use the VPN service, it may be necessary to turn VPN OFF while accessing the Libraries' databases, electronic journals, and other subscription-based electronic resources from off the UB computing network through the EZproxy server.

Firewalls (Enable ports 80, 8991 and 4433)
If you are attempting to access Libraries' databases, electronic journals, and other subscription-based electronic resources from a home or company computer with firewall or Internet security software installed, it may be interfering with your ability to connect to Libraries' databases. Please temporarily disable your firewall and test whether you can obtain access to these resources. At a minimum, please enable ports 80, 8991 and 4433 in your firewall so information can be exchanged with the Libraries server.

Enable cookies: For many of our databases cookies must be enabled or the database will not work properly.

How Do I Report a Problem?

To report any technical difficulties that you experience when accessing library online resources, please complete the Report a Technical Problem form.

UBITName Problems

For technical assistance on your UBIT Name, please contact the UBIT Help Desk:

CIT Help Desk
Lockwood 2nd Floor Cybrary