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Toolkit for SEAS Students: Handbooks, Properties, Patents and More: Knovel: Quick Info

Last Updated: Oct 16, 2018 2:02 PM

Knovel: Engineering Information and Data Online

Knovel (pronounced "novel") is an excellent place to start researching any engineering topic.It provides full-text access to an online collection of several thousand science and engineering handbooks. Many of the books have interactive tables, graphs and equations.

  • To begin searching, connect to Knovel using the database link above and type your keywords into the search box.

  • Your results will be retrieved as a list of titles based on relevancy ranking. Click on the title of the book or book chapter to begin reading. Once a page of a book is loaded on the screen, you can read it within the browser window, or you may print or download to PDF a section or chapter at a time.

In addition, Knovel has a unique property data search tool that enables you to locate information in large complex tables in hundreds of the handbooks; the data can be manipulated in a spreadsheet format and downloaded into Excel or as a PDF file.
  • To use this tool, go to Knovel and click on "Property Search" from the left side menu. Then click on "Material Property Search."
  • To learn how to use the Property Search tool effectively, watch this short tutorial video.

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