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Student Organizations and the University Archives: University Archives

A guide to assist student organizations when donating their records to the University Archives
Last Updated: Jun 24, 2022 1:22 PM

The University Archives houses the historically valuable records of the State University of New York at Buffalo (UB). The Archives collects, organizes, and maintains the records of UB academic departments and administrative offices, along with all university and student publications. The Archives also collects the private papers of administrators, faculty members and other individuals associated with UB, and has in the past collected records that document broader international, national, and regional events that impact the university.

Donating records to the University Archives

How do I donate my records to the archives?

Staff from the University Archives will assist you in donating your records.

What happens to the material my organization donates?

The materials you donate will be stored in our preservation environment. Your records will be secure and preserved for long term access. Archives staff will process your records; they will create a descriptive guide to your records called a finding aid. Digital records are stored in our digital preservation environment. Archives staff will create metadata (unique description), ensure that the files are saved in stable preservation formats, and create copies of your files that will be used for access. 

Who can see my organization's records?

Unless otherwise instructed, records are made available to the public after they are processed by University Archives staff. New student leaders and members of student organizations often visit the Archives to explore their organization's records. Scholars of higher education history, student life, and student activism also find the records of student organizations of interest.

Who holds copyright to the records?

Copyright to records of an organization is held by the authors of the records. Under the terms of U.S. Copyright Law, repositories may provide copies of items in their collections for scholarly research use. Under the “fair use” exemption, the law permits that researchers may publish portions of an item under copyright. Written permission to publish or quote widely from the material must be obtained from holder(s) of the copyright.

Representation in the University Archives

Student life is the heart of the university. Student organizations are a vital part of your experience during your time at UB. Your organization’s records document the mission, activities, and contributions of your group to the university and are historically valuable. This is why the Archives encourages you to think about donating your records. Future students and scholars will be interested in learning about your organization and its activities and the University Archives can preserve and provide access to these records.

Which student organizations are currently represented in the archives?

Student organizations in the University Archives include: