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UB Learns Library Resources Integration: Guides

This guide is dedicated to providing information about integrating library resources into your course.
Last Updated: Apr 13, 2022 8:35 AM

Need a Guide for Your Course?

Want to know what librarians know? Reach out to your subject liaison and you can request a LibGuide to be built for your course or for a specific assignment.


Here are some examples of some subject and course LibGuides:

Library Guides Integrated in Blackboard

Research Guides (LibGuides) are web-based guides put together by librarians to provide assistance in using library materials, identifying resources for topics and courses, and much more. These guides have been available to UB students and faculty for the last several years, but now they are available at the click of a finger in UBLearns.

Please reference the tutorials below for information about how to access the guides in your UBLearns course.

Screenshot Tutorial

Video Tutorial