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UB Learns Library Resources Integration: LTI Information

This guide is dedicated to providing information about integrating library resources into your course.
Last Updated: Apr 13, 2022 8:35 AM

Library Guides Integrated in Blackboard

There is a process In order to integrate your LibGuides into specific UBLearns courses. In order to get the right landing page you must complete the following:

  • Fill in the Landing Database Page list for your subject area in Box.
    • If there are any databases missing, please fill in the blanks. Once you are finished, type DONE next to the subject title
  • Check the Librarian By Subject list for accuracy. This list has three columns, the most important being the Department Codes. These three letter codes will be used for the metadata on the back end of your LibGuide.
  • If anything is amiss within either file, please contact me directly -

The next part involves going into your individual guides to assign the proper metadata. Please refer to the following tutorials for assistance.

An image of the PDF icon.

PDF Tutorial with Screenshots

Video Tutorial