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UB Learns Library Resources Integration: Permalinks

This guide is dedicated to providing information about integrating library resources into your course.
Last Updated: Apr 13, 2022 8:35 AM


The University at Buffalo Library provides electronic access to millions of items, including full-text articles, e-books, journals, magazines, newspapers, streaming videos, and more. If you want to link to one of the library's electronic items, such as in a syllabus, Blackboard course site, or email, you must use a permanent link to ensure that the link will not break over time.

Using Permanent Links for Library E-Resources

What is a Permanent Link?

An icon that represents a typical permalink.

A permanent link -- sometimes referred to as a persistent link, stable URL, or durable link -- is a URL or web address that will consistently point to a specific online resource.

Why Should I Use a Permanent Link?

You want to make sure your link to a library resource will always work. Often the link found in your browser's address bar may work for a short period of time but stop working when you try it later, so you need to follow the steps on this page to ensure your link remains functional.

Can I Just Add a PDF to Blackboard?  Send it in an Email?

Adding a PDF of an article or book chapter directly to your Blackboard course may be a violation of copyright or the license agreement the library has with the database provider. Licensing restrictions also require that the library only provide access to current University at Buffalo students, faculty, and staff, and using a link instead of a PDF ensures that only authorized users can access the resource. Using a link instead of a PDF also provides the library with usage statistics that assist us when deciding whether or not to renew a resource.

Instructions for Using Permanent Links

Step 1: Locate the permanent link

All University at Buffalo Library electronic resources offer permanent links for each individual item. Once you have found the permanent link for the item you are using, proceed to step 2. 

Step 2: Determine if the URL begins with the library's proxy server URL

The Library's proxy server URL allows University at Buffalo users to access electronic items from off-campus and must be included in the permanent URL for your link to function. 

The Library's proxy server URL is:

Some of the Library's electronic resources will add the proxy server URL to the item's permanent link for you.

  • If the permanent link you obtained in step 1 begins with the proxy server URL listed above, you are done! Your link is ready to use and you do not need to proceed to step 3. 
  • If the permanent link you obtained in step 1 does not begin with the proxy server URL listed above, you will need to add it yourself. Proceed to step 3.

Step 3: Add the proxy server URL to your item's permanent link

Only complete this step if the permanent link you obtained in step 1 does not already begin with the proxy server URL.

Add the proxy server URL to the beginning of the item's permanent link to create a single URL that will function permanently.

Example permanent URL without the proxy server URL:

Example permanent URL with the proxy server URL added:.

(Note: Most of the time you will not have to add the proxy server URL.)