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UB Learns Library Resources Integration: Research Roadmaps

This guide is dedicated to providing information about integrating library resources into your course.
Last Updated: Apr 13, 2022 8:35 AM

What are Research Roadmaps?

Instruction librarians often come into a class and give one time, guest lectures on finding, evaluating, and integrating sources into a project or paper. The Research Roadmaps were designed to reinforce what the librarian covered or supplement when you are unable to schedule a guest lecture. The Roadmaps are tests with a "case study" feel. Students are presented with a research situation, asked to watch a brief video (under 2 minutes), and then answer a multiple choice question. The Roadmap can be uploaded to be included as a grade in your grade center or as a "complete". 

There are currently three versions of the Research Roadmap. You can choose to download all three or the one most closely aligned to your course. The Roadmaps are Arts & Humanities, Social Sciences, and Public Health. Again, these are great tools to use alongside a library session. To book a librarian please complete the following form:

How to Import a Roadmap into your UB Learns Course

There are three Research Roadmaps saved to a UB-only Box folder. Follow the direct links below to the Roadmap you would like to import. Select "Download" and save somewhere onto your computer as a zip file. The video below will walk you through the process.

Book a library session to support your Research Roadmap