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VaXWNY Research Consortium Guide: Transportation Gap Analysis

This Guide is meant to suggest and provide access to resources aligned with the research areas being explored for the VaX WNY Research Consortium.
Last Updated: Nov 16, 2022 10:12 AM

Transportation Gap Analysis

Transportation availability for an individual, if any, directly influences their ability to be vaccinated. Rural versus urban settings have distinct differences. Also the type of transportation utilized such as a public bus versus private automobile will guide the selection and placement of mass vaccination locations. The student will perform a gap analysis for locations identified by the supervisor and develop recommendations and solutions.

Information on these topics is likely to change often. It will be updated frequently, but be advised checking directly with state websites for the most recent information.

Literature Research

Finding GIS Data

These repositories allow users to browse, search and download GIS datasets for use with GIS software, including ArcGIS

The following datasets may be helpful for your project. 

Viewing Geospatial Data and Maps

These agency and governmental websites allow users to map and layer available datasets within their online GIS/map viewers. Hosting data in this manner does not make it available for downloading for future use within ArcGIS or other mapping software. However, if an agency uses ArcGIS Online as a platform, the datasets may be available via ArcGIS Hub, or may be added directly to your project by selecting Add Data > Add Data from ArcGIS Online. 


Carolyn Klotzbach-Russell, Social Sciences Librarian

Rose Orcutt, Architecture & Planning Librarian

Kimberly Plassche, Sciences Librarian

Erin Rowley, Engineering Librarian

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UB Community: ArcGIS Software & ArcGIS Online

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VaX WNY is partnered with many higher education institutions across Western New York including the University at Buffalo. While many of the resources on this guide are open to the public, some are only for UB students, faculty and staff. If you are a member of one of the other partner schools, be sure to check out their resources as well!