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Last Updated: Dec 6, 2022 8:35 AM

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AccessEngineering provides access to interdisciplinary engineering information, as well as tools for analyzing information and assisting with the learning process. Included in the content are eBooks, manuals, handbooks, and exam prep materials; graphing tools; case studies; material information and calculators; problem sets; instructional videos; and much more.

Subjects covered in AccessEngineering:

To learn more about using AccessEngineering, a Quick Start is available by clicking here. Or view the video tutorial below for more information.

AccessEngineering also allows access to DataVis, an interactive, web-based data visualization tool that transforms the way students learn about material properties.

  • Users can instantly visualize property data in an interactive dot-plots and scatterplots across a wide range of materials.
  • DataVis includes a curated dataset of 200 materials and 65 properties.

For more information on DataVis, a User Guide is available by clicking here. Or view the video tutorial below.

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