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American Literature: Accessing American Periodical Literature & Newspapers: Print Resources

Last Updated: Jan 8, 2024 3:25 PM

Print Resources

American Literary Magazines: The Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries 
LOCKWOOD LIBRARY / Reference: Z1231. P45 A43 1986
Includes detailed accounts of the histories and editorial practices of major American literary magazines prior to the twentieth century.

American Literary Magazines: The Twentieth Century 
LOCKWOOD LIBRARY / Reference: Z1231. P45. A44 1992
Describes the most significant literary magazines in detail. An additional 100 magazines are briefly profiled in an appendix.

American Mass-Market Magazines 
LOCKWOOD LIBRARY / Reference: PN4877 A48 1990
This source provides concise, in-depth histories of the most significant mass-market or general magazines in the United States. Coverage includes both active periodicals and those which have ceased publication.

American Women’s Magazines: an Annotated Historical Guide 
LOCKWOOD LIBRARY / Reference: Z6944.W6 H85 1989 

An introduction to writings about American women’s magazines.

Annotated Bibliography of American Literary Periodicals, 1741-1850
LOCKWOOD LIBRARY / Book Collection: Z1219. K75
This work lists (alphabetically) literary periodicals published in the United States from 1741-1850. Each entry includes publication information and a description.

Comprehensive Index to English-Language Little Magazines. 1890-1970 
LOCKWOOD LIBRARY / Reference: PN4836 S23
Covers 100 periodicals of the period 1890-1970. Indexes journal articles, poems, dramas, illustrations, editorials, photographs, bibliographies, letters, interviews, and reviews.

Early American Periodicals Index to 1850
CAPEN MULTIMEDIA CENTER | Microform Area  MicPrint | AI3 .E27   
Covers 340 American magazines published 1730-1850. Includes all known periodical publications that had their inception and ending during this time period. This is not a full-text source, but most of the periodicals cited are available in the American Periodical Series, which is available as APS OnlineThe actual periodicals are also on microfilm in three microfilm collections of the same names (often referred to as APS I, APS II and APS III). Journal titles are in the Libraries Catalog.

A History of American Magazines, 1741-1930 
Discusses important events and topics in the history of American magazines, as well as the history of individual magazines.

Index to American Little Magazines 
LOCKWOOD LIBRARY / Reference (Index Area): AI3 I54
Contains subject and author indexes to select American little magazines.

The Literary Index to American Magazines. 1815-1865 
LOCKWOOD LIBRARY / Reference: PN523 .W43
This index is organized alphabetically by subject (including writers and artists).

The Literary Index to American Magazines. 1850-1900 
LOCKWOOD LIBRARY / Reference: PN523 .W433 1996
Indexes original works and book reviews of all works by major and minor writers in America that appeared in literary magazines from 1850 to 1900.

Literary Writings in America: A Bibliography 
LOCKWOOD LIBRARY / Reference: Z1225. L58 8 vols
Lists American literature (1850-1940) which was originally published in periodicals as well as in book form; arranged alphabetically by author. Includes many lesser-known authors whose work appeared only in periodicals.

The Little Magazine: A History and A Bibliography 
LOCKWOOD LIBRARY / Book Collection: PN4836 H63 1947
A survey of selected little magazines published since 1912. Primary coverage is of the United States.

New York Times Book Review Index, 1896-1970 
LOCKWOOD LIBRARY / Reference(Index Area): Z1219 N4
Lists materials found in The New York Times Book Review from 1896 to 1970. This index does not list book reviews that were published in the weekday New York Times. Includes full-length reviews and essays, brief reviews and biographical sketches, letters to the editor and brief commentaries and notes and anecdotal items.


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