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Business Research: Factiva

Last Updated: Oct 20, 2021 12:58 PM

Factiva Guide

A complete Factiva User Guide is now available:


1)  Record article title, journal/newspaper title, volume & issue number, pages, and publication date.

2) Connect to Factiva.

3) Click on Source in the first column of the shaded table. Click inside the Find a Source search box and then type the first few words of the title of the magazine, journal, or newspaper. Hit the Enter key. Click once and only once on the desired title.

4) In the large, blank Free Text box, type keywords or exact phrases from the article title separated by the word ' and '. Example: aircraft and british airways .

5) Change the date range as needed in Date box underneath the Free Text box.

6) Click Run Search (green button in upper right of page). Articles are displayed with the most recent item first.

The article you desire may not appear because:

  • Misspellings of title words.

  • Incorrect date range specified.

  • Factiva does not always index every article from each issue.

Off-campus remote access to this resource requires a UBITName and password. Ask a Librarian for further assistance.

Featured Resources

Factiva is a database that provides powerful tools for searching and monitoring daily newspapers, magazines, journals, newswires, and trade publications including the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) and the Buffalo News.  With its News Pages feature, Factiva allows you to browse the current day's front-page headlines from major U.S. newspapers and magazines.


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