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Philosophy: Open Access

Last Updated: Oct 17, 2018 10:57 AM

Open Access & Public Domain Resources

Open access (OA) is a contemporary movement in online research, designating websites, databases, and other resources that voluntarily place no restriction (paywalls, etc.) on access to their information and frequently also put up few or no barriers to the further use of that information (Source: Wikipedia, "Open access"). The public domain is a legal designation for the condition of intellectual property (books, music, etc.) for which the exclusive rights of distribution and reproduction have expired, been waived or forfeited by their owner, or are otherwise inapplicable (Source: Wikipedia, "Public domain"). The links listed in this section represent a mixture of open access and public domain resources, sometimes within the same site or service. We encourage you to bear in mind that certain legal restrictions on the use or reproduction of material in these resources may still apply, regardless of their designation as 'open access' or 'public domain' on this guide.

Marcus Aurelius (121 CE - 180 CE), Roman emperor and Stoic philosopher, author of the Meditations. (Image source: Wikimedia Commons 1)


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Angela Davis (1944 - ), African-American activist, philosopher, and writer. (Image source: Blog)