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Employment Law: Print, Online, and Other Materials

Last Updated: May 22, 2018 11:43 AM

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Cooper, Labor Law Stories KF3369 .L33 2005

Ford, Fundamentals of Employment Law, 2d ed. KF 3319 F86 2000 (Ref);  also on Westlaw* (ABA-FEMPL)

Lareau, Labor and Employment Law, on LEXIS*(LABEML)

Rothstein, Employment Law, 4th ed. KF 3455 E477 2009 

Employment Discrimination

Donohue, Foundations of Employment Discrimination Law 2d ed. KF 3464 A7 D66 2003 

Haggard, Understanding Employment Discrimination 2d ed. KF 3464 H34 2008 (Study Aids)

Larson, Employment Discrimination, 2nd ed. KF 3464 L37 1994; Lexis*

Lindemann, Employment Discrimination Law, 5th ed. KF 3464 S34 2012

Sullivan, Employment Discrimination: Law & Practice, 4th ed. KF 3464 S93 2009

Looseleaf - More Details

CCH, Labor Law Reporter KF 3315 L25 current on Westlaw* 

CCH, Labor Law Reports: Employment Practices Guide KF 3464 A6 C6 Current on Westlaw*

BNA, Americans with Disabilities Act Manual KF 3469 A6 B53 Current online, Lexis*, and Westlaw Classic*

BNA, Labor Relations Reporter KF3365 L32; Current online, Lexis*, and Westlaw Classic*

BNA, Employee Benefits Cases KF 3509 A513 Current online, Lexis*,  and Westlaw Classic*

BNA, Government Employee Relations Report KF 5336 A15 G68 Current online, Lexis*, and Westlaw Classic*

Specialty Topics

Platt, Age Discrimination Litigation KF 3465 .P35 2000 (Also Koren AV)
BNA, Americans with Disabilities Cases, 1993- KF 3469 A512  Current online, Lexis*, and Westlaw Classic*

EEOC, Americans with Disabilities Act Handbook KF 480 A32 A2 1992

Perrit, Americans with Disabilities Act Handbook, 4th ed. KF 3469 P47 2003

Urofsky, A Conflict of Rights: The Supreme Court and Affirmative Action KF 228 J64 U76 1991

Nugent, Employment Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation KF 241 L33 N83 1998

Conte, Sexual Harassment in the Workplace: Law & Practice, 4th ed. Suppl. 2010 KF 3467 C66 2010

Gregory, Unwelcome and Unlawful: Sexual Harassment in the American Workplace KF 3467 G74 2004

Chan, Women and Sexual Harassment KF 3467 C47 1994 (Ref)

Lightle, Doucet, Sexual Harassment in the Workplace KF 3467 Z9 L54 2007

Finkin, Privacy in Employment Law, 4th ed. KF 3457.5 F56 2013

Repa, Your Rights in the Workplace, 9th ed. KF 3319.6 L32 2010 (Ref)

Solotoff, Sex Discrimination and Sexual Harassment in the Workplace (Suppl. 2009) KF 3467 S67 1994
Wolkinson, Employment Law: the Workplace Rights of Employees & Employers, 2nd ed. KF 3457 W65 2008


Am-Jur Legal Forms, 2nd ed. KF 170 A542 1971 (Ref); Westlaw*
See index: Employment Contracts

New York Forms: Legal and Business KFN 5068 N4 (NY Alcove); Westlaw*
Chapter 11 - Employment

West's Legal Forms, 2nd. ed. KF 170 M6 1981 (Ref); Westlaw*
See Index: Employment Contracts; Labor & Employment


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New York

Liddle, Labor and Employment in New York, 2d ed. KFN 5556 L53 1997 (NY Alcove)

Minkowitz, New York Workers’ Compensation, 2nd ed. KFN 5592 M56 2011 (NY Alcove); Westlaw*

Brown, Advanced Workers’ Compensation In New York KFN 5592 B73 1999

Bordoni, New York Labor and Employment Law KFN 5556 B67 1997

Brown, Workers’ Compensation in New York KFN 5592 W674 1997

NYSBA, Public Sector Labor and Employment Law (Lefkowitz), 2nd ed. & Suppl. 2005 KFN 5562 P8 P83 1998 
[2009 ed. on order] 

Stiller, Employment Law in New York, 2nd ed. KFN 5556 S75 2012 (NY Alcove, Koren AV); Westlaw*

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Sulds, New York Employment Law, 2nd ed. KFN 5556 N485 1998 (NY Alcove); Lexis*

Taber, Employment Litigation in New York KFN 5572 E48 2001 (NY Alcove, Koren AV)

*Westlaw/Lexis access is restricted to law students only