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Legal Forms: New York Form Books

Last Updated: May 22, 2018 12:09 PM

New York Formbooks - General or Multiple Topics


Bender's Forms for the Consolidated Laws of the State of New York Annotated, 54 v. KFN 5068 B4 (NY Alcove)

Legal Forms and Procedures Handbook of New York (corporations, estates, litigation, real estate) KFN 5068 L44 (NY Alcove)

A Legal Practice Guide for New York Legal Assistants KFN 5077 N495 1996 (Ref)

New York Consolidated Laws Service; Annotated Statutes with Forms US/N7 003.5 N5 1976 (NY Core)

New York Court Forms (Salisbury) KFN 5955 A65 S25 2005 (NY Alcove)

New York Forms; Practice Oriented Forms for New York and Business Transactions, Rev., 24 v. KFN 5068 N4 (NY Alcove)

NYSBA, New York Lawyer's Formbook, 2d ed., NYSBA  KFN 5068 N47 (NY Alcove)

Official Compilation of New York Codes, Rules and Regulations KFN 5035 1960 A22 (Ref Desk)
See specifically, Title 22 - Judiciary; Volumes C & D contain various official forms for CPL, Family Court, Surrogate, etc.

Village, Town, & District Courts in New York KFN 5968 V54 (NY Alcove)

Warren's Forms of Agreements, 5 v. KF 886 W36 (Ref)

West's McKinney's Forms, 44 v. KFN 5068 W4 (NY Alcove)

NY FORM BOOKS - By Subject

Appellate Practice

Newman, et al., New York Appellate Practice, 2 v. KFN 6075 N49 1985 (NY Alcove)

NYSBA, Perfecting Appeals to the Appellate Division KFN 6075 Z9 P47 1996 (Ref, NY Alcove)

Powers of the New York Court of Appeals KFN 5960 C63 2005 (NY Alcove)


Rose, New York Vehicle and Traffic Law, 2nd ed. KFN 5477 R67 1992 (NY Alcove)

Business & Commercial

Commercial Litigation in New York State Courts, 2nd ed., 5 vol. KFN 5225 C65 2005 (NY Alcove, Koren AV)

Getting Organized, 5th ed. (non-profits) KFN 5342 G47 1999 (NY Alcove)

Sember, How to Form a Corporation in New York KFN 5345 Z9 S46 2003 (NY Alcove)

How to Start a Business in New York, 3rd ed. KFN 5084 B87 B37 2005 (NY Alcove)

The New York Corporation: Legal Aspects of Organization and Operation KF 1397 C654 no.2-3rd

New York Forms: Practice Oriented Forms for New York and Business Transactions, 24 v. KFN 5068 N4 (NY Alcove)

New York Laws Governing Business Entities, 2 v. KFN 5345 A29 N4 (Also NY Alcove, Koren AV)

Walker, New York Limited Liability Companies and Partnerships KFN 5339.5 W35 2002 (NY Alcove, Koren AV)

New York Limited Liability Company: Forms & Practice Manual, 3rd ed., 2 v. KFN 5339.5 A65 L442 1997 (NY Alcove, Koren AV)

New York Practice Guide: Business & Commercial, 5 v. KFN 5337 N48 1987 (NY Alcove)

Schorr on New York Limited Liability Companies & Partnerships KFN 5339.5 S37 1994 (Also Koren AV)

Transactional Lawyers Deskbook: Advising Business Entities KFN 5337 N45 2001 (NY Alcove, Koren AV)

White, New York Business Entities, 14th ed., Rev. by Kantrowitz & Slutzky, 13 v. KFN 5340 W58 2005 (NY Alcove)

Civil Practice & Procedure

West's McKinney's Forms - Appendix of Official Forms to the CPLR KFN 5068 W4 (NY Alcove)
See Vol. 1, Pt. 1; List reprinted in West's McKinney's Forms, CPLR Sec. 1:4

Frumar et al., Bender's Forms for the Civil Practice with Explanatory Notes and Cross Reference15 v. KFN 5995 A65 B42 (NY Alcove)

Bender's Forms of Pleading of the State of New York with Suggestions for Drafting Pleadings, Explanatory - Notes Citations of Reported - Cases and other References, 11v. KFN 6010 A65 B43 (NY Alcove)

Brown, Callaghan's Bills of Particulars in New York, 2 v. KFN 6021 B5 G74 1990

Carmody-Wait Cyclopedia of New York Practice with Forms, 2d ed., 30 v. KFN 5995 C342 (NY Alcove)

Navigating through the New York State & Federal Courts KFN 5992 A2 1999 (NY Alcove)


NYSBA, Collections and the Enforcement of Money Judgments KFN 5256 C65 C65 1986 (NY Alcove)

Borges, Enforcing Judgments & Collecting Debts in New York KFN 6065 E54 1996 (NY Alcove, Koren AV)

Latona, New York Collections, 2nd ed. KFN 5256 C65 R8 1997 (NY Alcove)


New York Forms, Contracts KFN 5068 N4 (NY Alcove)

Criminal Practice

Henry B. Rothblatt, Criminal Law of New York - The Criminal Procedure Law (Forms in Appendix B. Table of Forms p. xxvii.) KFN 6155 R68 1971

McKenna, Criminal Procedure in New York, 2nd ed. (Forms found in v. 2 chapter 55, accessible by v. 2 index under "Forms.") KFN 6155 P3 2006 (NY Alcove, Koren AV)

Muldoon & Feuerstein, Handling a Criminal Case in New York KFN 6100 R59 1994 (NY Alcove, Koren AV)

Salisbury, Manual of Procedure for New York Courts, 2007 ed. KFN 6155 S25 2007 (NY Alcove)

New York Criminal Practice, 2nd ed. (formerly Waxner & Zett.), 8 v. KFN 6155 W38 2005 (NY Alcove)

Gray, NYSBA, New York Criminal Practice Handbook, 2nd ed. KFN 6155 N49 1998 (Also NY Alcove)

Katz & Shapiro, New York Suppression Manual (Forms in Ch.31) KFN 6166 K37 1991 (NY Alcove)

Decendents' Estates

Klipstein & Bloom, Drafting New York Wills: Law and Forms, 3rd ed., 2 v. KFN 5201 K55 1983 (NY Alcove, Koren AV)

Estate Planning & Will Drafting in New York, 2006 Rev. ed. KFN 5195 E88 2006 (NY Alcove)

Rohan, Estates Powers & Trusts Law (Benders NY Civil Practice Series), 7 v. KFN 5995 N492 v.7 (NY Alcove)

Harris' 5th Edition New York Estates: Estate Planning & Taxation, Lawyers Coop KFN 5205 H332 1996 (NY Alcove, Koren AV)

Harris' 5th Edition New York Estates: Probate, Administration & Litigation, 2 v. KFN 5205 H333 1996 (NY Alcove, Koren AV)

How to Make a New York Will, 2nd ed. KFN 5201 Z9 R64 1999 (NY Alcove)

Kass on Wills KFN 5201 B56 1990 (NY Alcove)

Arenson, New York Practice Guide: Probate and Estate Administration, 2 v. KFN 5205 N46 1985 (NY Alcove)

Schlesinger & Mariani, New York Probate, Lawyers Co-op., 3 v. and Supp. KFN 5205 S35 1986 (NY Alcove)

Keller, New York Wills, 2nd ed., 2 v. KFN 5201 K45 1993 (NY Alcove, Koren AV)

Cox, Arenson, Medina, Surrogate’s Court Procedure Act, 6 v., (Benders NY Civil Practice Series) Official Forms v. 1, S.106 KFN 5995 N495 (NY Alcove)

Preminger, Trusts & Estates Practice in New York, 2 v., Table of forms, final chapter KFN 5195 T78 1997 (NY Alcove, Koren AV)

Markuson, Warren's Heaton on Surrogates Courts, 6th ed. Bender, 15 v. KFN 5205 H47 1940 


Hornbook of Forms Regarding Children with Disabilities: Based on Federal and New York State Statute and Regulations, 5th ed. KFN 5665 P4 H67 1997 (Also Koren AV)

Elder Law

Kasoff, Elder Law & Guardianship in New York KFN 5111 A33 K37 (NY Alcove, Koren AV)

Russo & Rachlin, New York Elder Law Practice KFN 5111 A33 N485 (Also NY Alcove, Koren AV)

New York Guide to Tax, Estate & Financial Planning for the Elderly KFN 5111 A33 G65 1999 (NY Alcove)


Stiller, Employment Law in New York KFN 5556 S75 2001 (NY Alcove, Koren AV)

Taber, Employment Litigation in New York KFN 5572 E48 2001 (NY Alcove, Koren AV)

Environmental Law

Environmental Impact Review in New York KFN 5610 G47 1990 (Also NY Alcove)

Environmental Law & Regulation in New York, 2nd ed. KFN 5610 E56 2009 (NY Alcove)

Family Law

Zimmerman, Adoption Law: Practice & Procedure in the 21st Century KFN 5132 A95 2004 (NY Alcove)

Kerschensteiner, Callaghan's Family Court Law and Practice in New York KFN 5116 .C35

Child Custody, Visitation, & Support in New York KFN 5130 S46 2002 (NY Alcove)

Carrieri & Lansner, Family Court Proceedings, 2nd ed. Benders NY Civil Practice Series, 4 v. KFN 5995 N4932 (NY Alcove); Lexis* 

File For Divorce in New York KFN 5126 Z9 S457 2007 (NY Alcove)

Friendly Divorce Guidebook for New York KFN 5126 Z9 A34 1996 (Also NY Alcove)

Abrams, Guardianship Pratice in New York, See TOC/Forms in v. 1 KFN 5134 G84 1997 (NY Alcove)

Brandes, Law and the Family: New York Forms, 4 v. KFN 5115 A65 B73 1995 (NY Alcove)

Breger, Elkins & Fosbinder, New York Law of Domestic Violence, 2nd ed., 2 v. KFN 6121.4 E45 2007 (Also NY Alcove)

 Lindey & Parley on Separation Agreements and Antenuptial Contracts, 2nd ed., 2 v. KF 535 L5 1999

Lansner & Reichler, Matrimonial Actions, Benders NY Civil Practice Ser., 4 v. KFN 5995 N494

Scheinkman, New York Law of Domestic Relations, 2nd ed. KFN 5120 S34 2009 (NY Alcove)

DaSilva, New York Matrimonial Practice, 2nd ed. KFN 5120 D38 2006 (NY Alcove)

Bender, New York Practice Guide: Domestic Relations, 4 v. KFN 5115 N48 1988 (NY Alcove)

Spouse and Child Support in New York KFN 5130 G35 1996 (NY Alcove)

Insurance Law

Dunham, New York Insurance Law, 4 v. KFN 5296 N49 1991; Lexis* 


Jensen on the Mechanics' Lien Law (and Related Procedures) of the State of New York, 4th ed. KFN 5229 J4 1963

Municipal Law

NYSBA, New York Municipal Formbook, 2nd ed., 2 v. KFN 5752 A65 K55 1999 (NY Alcove)


Bender, New York Practice Guide: Negligence, 4 v. KFN 5315 C48 1989 (NY Alcove)

Pretrial Practice & Procedure

Depositions: Practice and Procedure in Federal and New York State Courts KFN 6020 B34 2005 (NY Alcove)

Payne, Modern New York Discovery, 2nd ed. KFN 6020 D87 2004

New York Civil Practice Before Trial KFN 6020 N49 2001 (NY Alcove, Koren AV)
See each Ch. Quickview 

Zayalet & Groble, NY Examinations Before Trial and Other Disclosure Devices, 2nd ed., 2 v. KFN 6020 K47 1998 (NY Alcove)

Real Property

Finkelstein & Ferrar, Landlord & Tenant Practice in New York, 2 v. KFN 5145 Z9 F56 1997 (NY Alcove, Koren AV); Westlaw*

Landlord’s Legal Guide in New York KFN Z9 S45 2002 (NY Alcove)

Mortgages and Mortgage Foreclosure in New York, Rev. ed., 2 v. KFN 5175 M3 1982 (NY Alcove); Westlaw* 

New York Condominium and Cooperative Law, 2nd ed. KFN 5142 D52 1995

New York Forms: Practice Oriented Forms for New York and Business Transactions, 24 v. KFN 5068 N4 (NY Alcove)

NY Landlord’s Law Book KFN 5145 Z9 H35 2003 (NY Alcove, Koren AV)

Morris, New York Practice Guide: Real Estate, 6 v. KFN 5140 N48 1986 (NY Alcove, Reserve)

Rasch, New York Practice of Real Property, 3 v. KFN 5140 R3 1991 (NY Alcove)

New York Real Property Service, 15 v. KFN 5140 A6 N49 (NY Alcove)

Practical Real Estate, 2nd ed. KFN 5169 H56 1995 (NY Alcove)

Scherer, Residential Landlord-Tenant Law in New York KFN 5145 R476 (Also NY Alcove)

Dolan, Rasch’s Landlord and Tenant Including Summary Proceedinqs, 4th ed., 3 v. KFN 5145 R3 1998 (NY Alcove)

Tenants’s Rights in New York KFN 5145 Z9 S455 2000 (NY Alcove)

Trial Practice

New York Motions in Limine: Evidence Exclusion Guide KFN 6012 G742 (Also NY Alcove, Koren AV)

New York Trial Notebook KFN 6025 B57 2005 (NY Alcove, Koren AV)

Trial Practice - Jury Instructions

Goodman & Leventhal, Charges to the Jury and Requests to Charge in a Criminal Case, 2 v. KFN 6171 D69 1983 (NY Alcove, Koren AV)
Forms accessible by chapter table of contents 

Criminal Jury Instructions New York, 2d.ed., 2v. by The Committee on Criminal Jury Instructions of the State of New York KFN 6171 A65 C65 1995 (Also NY Alcove); Current Edition Online 

New York Pattern Jury Instructions, Civil, 3rd ed., 2 v. (1A, 1B, 2), The Committee on Pattern Jury Instructions, Association of Supreme Court Justices KFN 6047 A65 A83 3rd (Also NY Alcove); Westlaw*

Workers' Compensation

Minkowitz, New York Workers' Compensation KFN 5592 M56 (NY Alcove)
Forms follow each chapter 


Salkin, New York Zoning Law and Practice, 4th ed., 3 v. KFN 5811 A95 2000 (NY Alcove, Koren AV)
Forms in v. 2, ch. 42-45 

NYSBA, Zoning Board of Appeals Practice in New York KFN 5811 F59 1996 (Also NY Alcove)


*Westlaw/Lexis access restricted to law students only