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Legal Forms: New York Form Books

Last Updated: May 17, 2023 2:13 PM

New York Formbooks - General or Multiple Topics


NY FORM BOOKS - By Subject

Appellate Practice


Business & Commercial

Civil Practice & Procedure

  • West's McKinney's Forms - Appendix of Official Forms to the CPLR KFN 5068 W4 (NY Alcove)
    See Vol. 1, Pt. 1; List reprinted in West's McKinney's Forms, CPLR Sec. 1:4
  • Frumar et al., Bender's Forms for the Civil Practice with Explanatory Notes and Cross Reference, 15 v. KFN 5995 A65 B42 (NY Alcove)
  • Bender's Forms of Pleading of the State of New York with Suggestions for Drafting Pleadings, Explanatory - Notes Citations of Reported - Cases and other References, 11v. KFN 6010 A65 B43 (NY Alcove)
  • Brown, Callaghan's Bills of Particulars in New York, 2 v. KFN 6021 B5 G74 1990
  • Carmody-Wait Cyclopedia of New York Practice with Forms, 2d ed., 30 v. KFN 5995 C342 (NY Alcove)
  • Navigating through the New York State & Federal Courts KFN 5992 A2 1999 (NY Alcove)



  • New York Forms, Contracts KFN 5068 N4 (NY Alcove)

Criminal Practice

  • Henry B. Rothblatt, Criminal Law of New York - The Criminal Procedure Law (Forms in Appendix B. Table of Forms p. xxvii.) KFN 6155 R68 1971
  • McKenna, Criminal Procedure in New York, 2nd ed. (Forms found in v. 2 chapter 55, accessible by v. 2 index under "Forms.") KFN 6155 P3 2006 (NY Alcove, Koren AV)
  • Muldoon & Feuerstein, Handling a Criminal Case in New York KFN 6100 R59 1994 (NY Alcove, Koren AV)
  • Salisbury, Manual of Procedure for New York Courts, 2007 ed. KFN 6155 S25 2007 (NY Alcove)
  • New York Criminal Practice, 2nd ed. (formerly Waxner & Zett.), 8 v. KFN 6155 W38 2005 (NY Alcove)
  • Gray, NYSBA, New York Criminal Practice Handbook, 2nd ed. KFN 6155 N49 1998 (Also NY Alcove)
  • Katz & Shapiro, New York Suppression Manual (Forms in Ch.31) KFN 6166 K37 1991 (NY Alcove)

​Decedents' Estates

  • Klipstein & Bloom, Drafting New York Wills: Law and Forms, 3rd ed., 2 v. KFN 5201 K55 1983 (NY Alcove, Koren AV)
  • Estate Planning & Will Drafting in New York, 2006 Rev. ed. KFN 5195 E88 2006 (NY Alcove)
  • Rohan, Estates Powers & Trusts Law (Benders NY Civil Practice Series), 7 v. KFN 5995 N492 v.7 (NY Alcove)
  • Harris' 5th Edition New York Estates: Estate Planning & Taxation, Lawyers Coop KFN 5205 H332 1996 (NY Alcove, Koren AV)
  • Harris' 5th Edition New York Estates: Probate, Administration & Litigation, 2 v. KFN 5205 H333 1996 (NY Alcove, Koren AV)
  • How to Make a New York Will, 2nd ed. KFN 5201 Z9 R64 1999 (NY Alcove)
  • Kass on Wills KFN 5201 B56 1990 (NY Alcove)
  • Arenson, New York Practice Guide: Probate and Estate Administration, 2 v. KFN 5205 N46 1985 (NY Alcove)
  • Schlesinger & Mariani, New York Probate, Lawyers Co-op., 3 v. and Supp. KFN 5205 S35 1986 (NY Alcove)
  • Keller, New York Wills, 2nd ed., 2 v. KFN 5201 K45 1993 (NY Alcove, Koren AV)
  • Cox, Arenson, Medina, Surrogate’s Court Procedure Act, 6 v., (Benders NY Civil Practice Series) Official Forms v. 1, S.106 KFN 5995 N495 (NY Alcove)
  • Preminger, Trusts & Estates Practice in New York, 2 v., Table of forms, final chapter KFN 5195 T78 1997 (NY Alcove, Koren AV)
  • Markuson, Warren's Heaton on Surrogates Courts, 6th ed. Bender, 15 v. KFN 5205 H47 1940 


  • Hornbook of Forms Regarding Children with Disabilities: Based on Federal and New York State Statute and Regulations, 5th ed. KFN 5665 P4 H67 1997 (Also Koren AV)

Elder Law

Kasoff, Elder Law & Guardianship in New York KFN 5111 A33 K37 (NY Alcove, Koren AV)

Russo & Rachlin, New York Elder Law Practice KFN 5111 A33 N485 (Also NY Alcove, Koren AV)

New York Guide to Tax, Estate & Financial Planning for the Elderly KFN 5111 A33 G65 1999 (NY Alcove)


Environmental Law

Family Law

  • Zimmerman, Adoption Law: Practice & Procedure in the 21st Century KFN 5132 A95 2004 (NY Alcove)
  • Kerschensteiner, Callaghan's Family Court Law and Practice in New York KFN 5116 .C35
  • Child Custody, Visitation, & Support in New York KFN 5130 S46 2002 (NY Alcove)
  • Carrieri & Lansner, Family Court Proceedings, 2nd ed. Benders NY Civil Practice Series, 4 v. KFN 5995 N4932 (NY Alcove); Lexis* 
  • File For Divorce in New York KFN 5126 Z9 S457 2007 (NY Alcove)
  • Friendly Divorce Guidebook for New York KFN 5126 Z9 A34 1996 (Also NY Alcove)
  • Abrams, Guardianship Practice in New York, See TOC/Forms in v. 1 KFN 5134 G84 1997 (NY Alcove)
  • Brandes, Law and the Family: New York Forms, 4 v. KFN 5115 A65 B73 1995 (NY Alcove)
  • Breger, Elkins & Fosbinder, New York Law of Domestic Violence, 2nd ed., 2 v. KFN 6121.4 E45 2007 (Also NY Alcove)
  •  Lindey & Parley on Separation Agreements and Antenuptial Contracts, 2nd ed., 2 v. KF 535 L5 1999
  • Lansner & Reichler, Matrimonial Actions, Benders NY Civil Practice Ser., 4 v. KFN 5995 N494
  • Scheinkman, New York Law of Domestic Relations, 2nd ed. KFN 5120 S34 2009 (NY Alcove)
  • DaSilva, New York Matrimonial Practice, 2nd ed. KFN 5120 D38 2006 (NY Alcove)
  • Bender, New York Practice Guide: Domestic Relations, 4 v. KFN 5115 N48 1988 (NY Alcove)
  • Spouse and Child Support in New York KFN 5130 G35 1996 (NY Alcove)

Insurance Law


  • Jensen on the Mechanics' Lien Law (and Related Procedures) of the State of New York, 4th ed. KFN 5229 J4 1963

Municipal Law


  • Bender, New York Practice Guide: Negligence, 4 v. KFN 5315 C48 1989 (NY Alcove)

Pretrial Practice & Procedure

  • Depositions: Practice and Procedure in Federal and New York State Courts KFN 6020 B34 2005 (NY Alcove)
  • Payne, Modern New York Discovery, 2nd ed. KFN 6020 D87 2004
  • New York Civil Practice Before Trial KFN 6020 N49 2001 (NY Alcove, Koren AV)
  • See each Ch. Quickview 
  • Zayalet & Groble, NY Examinations Before Trial and Other Disclosure Devices, 2nd ed., 2 v. KFN 6020 K47 1998 (NY Alcove)

Real Property

Trial Practice

  • New York Motions in Limine: Evidence Exclusion Guide KFN 6012 G742 (Also NY Alcove, Koren AV)
  • New York Trial Notebook KFN 6025 B57 2005 (NY Alcove, Koren AV)
  • Goodman & Leventhal, Charges to the Jury and Requests to Charge in a Criminal Case, 2 v. KFN 6171 D69 1983 (NY Alcove, Koren AV)
  • Forms accessible by chapter table of contents 
  • Criminal Jury Instructions New York, 2d.ed., 2v. by The Committee on Criminal Jury Instructions of the State of New York KFN 6171 A65 C65 1995 (Also NY Alcove); Current Edition Online 
  • New York Pattern Jury Instructions, Civil, 3rd ed., 2 v. (1A, 1B, 2), The Committee on Pattern Jury Instructions, Association of Supreme Court Justices KFN 6047 A65 A83 3rd (Also NY Alcove); Westlaw*

Workers' Compensation

  • Minkowitz, New York Workers' Compensation KFN 5592 M56 (NY Alcove)
    Forms follow each chapter 


  • Salkin, New York Zoning Law and Practice, 4th ed., 3 v. KFN 5811 A95 2000 (NY Alcove, Koren AV)
    Forms in v. 2, ch. 42-45 
  • NYSBA, Zoning Board of Appeals Practice in New York KFN 5811 F59 1996 (Also NY Alcove)


*Westlaw/Lexis access restricted to law students only