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Research Data Management: Home

This guide provides information and links to resources for data management, including data management plans, file organization and storage, and data sharing in repositories.
Last Updated: Feb 23, 2024 11:57 AM

Using this Guide

This guide is divided into three sections:

  • PLAN:
    • Write a Data Management Plan
  • STORE:
    • Making a Backup Strategy
    • File Organization Best Practices
  • SHARE:
    • Why Share Your Data?
    • Finding a Data Repository

Additional Resources

Where can you learn more about data management?

  • Data Management (MIT) - A general resource for planning and creating a Data Management Plan. Includes information regarding citations, security and backup, legal issues, and organization.
  • Managing Your Data (University of Minnesota) - Provides information regarding the importance of managing your data, as well as a number of presentations, slides, and workshops covering a variety of data management topics.

Need help with big data or data-intensive scholarship issues?

  • Draft Report to The Advisory Committee to the Director by the NIH Data and Informatics Working Group - This report (June 2012) makes recommendations for the management of large biomedical datasets.
  • Research Data: Management, Access and Control - Symposium held at UB on November 14, 2011. Contains links to videos and audio files of presentations from UB's symposium on research data.
  • Nature Special Report on Big Data - This special report (September 2008) links to a series of articles, reviews, columns, and essays published by Nature relating to big data. Featured pieces include information regarding trends, economics of data and history.
  • Big Data (Wikipedia) - Read more about big data and find additional references in the Wikipedia article on the topic. (Wikipedia's text pages and Wikimedia Commons' image database are themselves examples of big data, at several terabytes.)

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This research guide was created by UB Libraries' 2018-2020 CLIR Postdoctoral Fellow Rachel Starry. It is currently maintained by Karlen Chase.