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Writing your Data Management and Sharing Plan

Last Updated: May 17, 2024 2:19 PM

Getting Started

A Data Management and Sharing Plan (DMSP) or Data Management Plan (DMP) is a brief document that is included as part of your grant application.  It is generally around 2 pages and documents how you will collect, organize, manage, store, secure, backup preserve and share the date collected through your research.

DMSP requirements will vary depending on your funding agency - always check their guidance when compiling your plan.  

The information in this guide is based on the requirements of the NIH.  This information will apply to most federal funding agencies - but you should always check with our funders documentation when creating an DMSP.

DMP Tool

DMPTool Tips

  • Sign in using your UB address.  This will give you access to UB specific resources and guidelines.

Benefits of using the DMPTool
  • Access to NIH templates, and UB Specific language for your DMSP

  • Step by step instructions for completing your DMSP

  • Share your DMSP with other for review prior to submission

  • Download your DMSP as a PDF or Word Doc.

  • Assign a unique persistent identifier to your DMSP



Do you have an ORCID iD?  Signing up for one is free, quick and easy.  Your ORCID iD is a persistent digital identifier that you own and control.  It helps to distinguish you from other researchers and gives you a platform for connecting your name with your professional information such as publications, grants, and affiliations.  Many grant funding systems, publishers and repositories will require that you have one.

ORCiD: Connecting Research and Researchers

Need help?

Need assistance with your DMSP?  

Contact our Data Services Librarian: 

Data Services